Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Key to the City: Key to your success"

"Key to the City: Key to your success" 
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

And so it finally happened.

Take it away Dj Khaled: I got the keys keys keys keys...I got the Keys to your success."

Succeed my opponent did as I lost for the 2nd straight game to his Angel of Invention. 

When I fought in my 2nd round of games last Sunday of the Kaladesh Pre Release I met Rj who plopped down this 2 to cast artifact and I was expecting him to whittle away at my life total with a slew of unblockable creatures but it seemed that the deck he had only had a few creatures and whole set of control cards like Fumigate that is the biggest board sweeper in this set.

Now it did not make sense at first that he should have this artifact in a deck that seemed eager to wait until you get the big fatties out in the late game until I realized that the Key to the City had another purpose.It could dig through your deck  and get that fattie that you need or a control card that might let you survive until you get the fattie.In this case it was the Angel of Invention. 

So how did Rj do it? He kept on discarding unneeded cards at the end of my turns and he would pay 2 colorless mana as he untapped the Keys. This resulted in a normal draw and an extra draw that spelled the difference in card advantage. Like Dj Khaled said , The key to your success. 

I am going to look out for this card this Friday. Maybe next time I would be the one singing Keys ,Keys  Keys , Keys.

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