Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Gray(feat Elo) - Good MV reaction - Finally moving on"

"Gray(feat. Elo) - Good MV reaction - Finally moving on"
The Vole

Have you ever found yourself in a bad break up? and the said break up has dragged on for a long time? And you are going back and forth about talking to the other person who is constantly reaching out to you because you are afraid that you would be back in that unhappy situation because you still have  feelings for them or you would be forced to realize that nothing is really there any more and this person is already a stranger.

Grays video is really not about those things. It's about male friends bonding with each other in America , playing hoops , climbing abandoned moss covered buildings and playing poker while drinking beer in broad daylight. Oh and partying straight into the night where your best buddies introduce you to a young pretty thing and you try to show off your tattoos while you drink some more beer in red cups. Yeah. Not really.

This video does show Grays character struggling all through out but in the end really does take the first steps into moving on with his life with the simple visceral image of throwing what looked like a picture of a pretty long haired girl kissing another pretty long haired girl from a window. The other girl seems to be Gray.

The words to watch out in the song are Instaaaagram , ID and Iphone. All words begin with the letter I which was probably Grays letter of the day.

The song is moody and catchy with it's jangly guitar loops and mellow beats. Check it out and see how many AOMG regulars you would spot in the scenes. Try not to run your hair through your hair like Gray does. I know I failed in that.

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