Thursday, September 29, 2016

"The One with the Pretty Liar"

"The One with the Pretty Liar"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

She wanted to look in the mirror but she just could not and she turned it down as she sat in front of the dressing table. Her make up was now ruined from all the crying she had down from the studio all the way here and no one could really console her as she remembered the cutting words from what she had read.

They were calling her a liar , a mythomaniac , a greedy bitch , pathetic when all she said was the truth. She took off the pins that held the long straight orange hair in place and she had placed them on the mannequin head to her right. She had taken out her contacts and walked to the bathroom to wash the rest of the make up from her face. She took a towel and dried herself.

She took off her clothes and wore the loose fitting ones that she could find and threw the tight fitting jeans and shirts to the hamper.She put on her large framed glasses and turned the mirror up.

Most people would not recognize the face in the mirror and there are days that she herself do not recognize it too but at the end of the day that really is her unpainted face.

She took comfort in knowing that she was playing a part and that the people on social media were actually trying to say something about the idol and not the YuuA who she see's now. So why the hell was she still crying?

"I see her too." She was not sure if she was really seeing him. He had been away for a long time. Her tears were blurring her vision but he was there behind her in a simple black shirt and jeans that he knew him to wear.

He had worn his hair long now , the silver streak of hair that undoubtedly confirmed he was an ascendant candidate was now visible. "I see the real YuuA and that matters more to me than anything."

"You dont believe anything that they see about me?" YuuA said taking off her glasses and drying her eyes with the long sleeves of her night gown.

"I am with you right now ain't I?" How can I believe anything they say when I see the truth. The face you show that is for them to love. Everything else well that is what you give...why should there be any complaints from me?"

YuuA pulled down one of her long sleeves.

And pointed to her face. "This unpainted face with the glasses?"

"You mean the face I want to wake up to every morning right?" V said.

YuuA could not help but smile at that. It has been another tiring day and right here , right now with V. She felt it slowly fading away. Like the truth melting away any doubt.And maybe tomorrow when she wakes up with him in her arms the world would make a little more sense than what it is now.

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