Thursday, September 29, 2016

"The Greetings."

"The Greetings."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

YuuA lay wide awake in the darkness. She tried to feel if Bee who slept on the top bunk was asleep by shaking the bed. Bee would instantly peek down to ask her to stop but this time there was nothing but silence. She waited a couple more minutes just to make sure before she felt for the one stuffed toy that she needed.Feeling for it's spiky tail and head she slowly brought down the gift that V personally gave her.She found it funny that in order to reach a dragon she had to dig inside another dragon's insides. Bringing out the phone that she had kept all these months she checked for messages from Family and friends.

There was one from her Aunt , asking her ,no ,commanding her to go back to the Shrine this Chuseok holiday. It would be a great plan if nothing else comes up for the weekend. A depressing plan to go back to the Shrine instead of being with V but he was a bit busy these past few days and she could not reach him.Even Blue was really mum about where he was and the sharp tongued body guard never left his masters side which YuuA found very odd. 

Probably because Blue could never keep a secret and often times she was her source , inadvertently spilling things about her own master so whatever it was that V was up to he wanted it to be kept a secret even from her but YuuA was never someone who wanted to wait long for anything and the lack of messages from V grated on her nerves. So She decided to do something about it.

"Hey. It's my birthday this weekend. Have you forgotten?"Normally V would answer her right away. She checked the digital clock that was on the table to her left. 2:34am.


YuuA became angrier with each minute that passed. Was he ignoring her? Was he asleep somewhere? but V didn't need sleep. And the thought made her more mad 
that she was shocked when her phone vibrated. Her heart beat so fast to see that it was him calling her.

"Yes?" she whispered on her phone.

"Aren't you supposed to be sleeping?" V answered and he sounded like he was catching his breathe.

"Don't change the topic.Did you get my message?" YuuA let the annoyance in her whispered voice slip out and she sensed 
that V was getting it.

"Please open the window." He simply said.

"Are you crazy? You are outside the window right now?" YuuA stood and hit her head on the wooden top bunk and she had 
to restrain herself from crying out. 

There was someone floating out of the window and she could barely see the silhouette from the curtains. 

"I'm still waiting."

YuuA ran to the window and opened to see V standing there in mid-air as he slid a thumb on his phone to end the call. 

"I hope you are wearing warm clothes."

"Wait. What?" YuuA said confused at what V just said.

V reached out to her and touched her forehead to empower the orb that was within.

"We are going to try something different today because the sun will be rising pretty soon."

V waved his hand in a wide arc and they both blinked out of existence for a little while and reappeared high above a 
mountain side. Where the orb finally kicked in and allowed YuuA to float freely.

"Where is this?" She demanded and began to pout.

"Somewhere in the Ural mountains.I wanted to show you something before I completely destroy it." And V stretched his arms 
toward the mountain and the clouds behind him parted to reveal cuts in perfect hangul.

Happy birthday YuuA , it read.

"I would have been happy with a card."

"I know you wouldn't so here this is."

"Thanks. No one has ever done this for me before."

"How many other dragon boyfriends have you had before?"

"Zero. But you are not off the hook yet for not showing your face to me this whole week."

"Fine" V said. "Should we have some breakfast before we head back?"

"Your treat?"

"When has it ever been your treat?"

"Good point. Kekekeke. Now bring me some place nice."

"I know just the place."

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