Thursday, September 29, 2016

"How Dragons Say Sorry."

"How Dragons Say Sorry."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

The dormitory building loomed in front of him. A white tall building that stood out from the surrounding buildings that were either brown or gray. She was there at the rooftop again waiting for him and today he finally decided to show up. With a boquet of flowers in one hand and enough chocolate to feed all girls V bent his knees and with one push went against gravity and leaped to where YuuA stood. She was startled as he shot past her and drifted slowly down.

"Hi" He said awkwardly.

"Hi? Is that all you are going to say after not showing up for an entire week?" YuuA had her arms crossed over her chest and was pouting like it was no one's business combined with her death stare it was something even an immortal dragon would fear. 

"You said you didn't want to see me for awhile." V stammered uncharacteristically. 

"And did you ask me how long I didn't want to see you?"

"No I did not but with the way you were treating me I could have been gone for a year and you still wouldn't miss me."

"You are an idiot. You were gone for just a week and I already feel this way. What will I do if you disappear for a year."

Silence followed the two lovers.And it would stretch on if not for YuuA herself who seemed to have softened in her angry stance.

"Are those for me?" 

"The flowers? Yes. The chocolates you could share with your members. Kpop groups that eats chocolates together gets fat together remember? V said with a small grin not knowing if this would end well for him.

YuuA smiled and then laughed that sweet laugh of hers. V let out a sigh of relief. She was motioning for him to come closer.And he landed on the rooftop. She came near and hit him so hard on his left shoulder. "That is for not showing up for a week." Then she gave him a long lingering kiss full on the mouth. "And that is for not showing up for a week.Think of how much you could have had if you didnt disappear." V was turning red and feeling all fuzzy inside. YuuA's effect on him was like fine wine. Even a small dose packs a punch and he felt a bit heady. 

"I am just going to sit here while you give the chocolates to everyone."

There were shouts of horror and delight as 7 girls were able to see the sweets for the first time and he knew they were contemplating on killing him because their diets would be ruined. They could not help themselves though and it was sure that today they would have gained a few more calories than they would have wanted. "I hate you V-oppa." someone shouted but it was drowned out by a mouthful of the delicious chocolates. 

Several minutes later YuuA came back with the empty heart shaped box. "You never want to see Idols on a heavy diet with a box of these. They rushed me and they all looked liked some crazed zombies!" YuuA laughed again.

"Am I off the hook YuuA?"

"You know what to do." YuuA pointed at the CCTV with pouty lips. V was tall enough to reach it and pointed it upwards.His girlfriend locked the only door leading up to the rooftop.

"I think we have 20 minutes before they recover from the sugar coma and start looking for us. Make every second count."

V did not even need to think about it and YuuA came closer.

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