Thursday, September 29, 2016

"How Far is Jejudo?"

"How Far is Jejudo?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr,

V was startled by the petite girl who blocked his path in the backstage.She was wearing the school girl uniform out of the group known as Sweethearts. And it was someone he was not really surprised to run into as they were promoting with Oh My Dolls today.

"V oppa!" she said as she tiptoed to reach his face for a small peck on the cheek.Taken aback V looked at the girl who seemed awfully familiar. "Eunji?"

"I thought you wouldn't recognize me. Do you like my short hair?" Eunji said as she twirled the sides of her black hair. "I didn't really want to cut it but they said that we need to have something new for this comeback. My hair was one of them."

"I like it." V said as he touched the sides of her hair in that familiar way that he used too when they were still together causing Eunji to blush despite her bold approach at him. "Don't cut it too short though or the boys would have very stiff competition from the girls who would be crushing on you."

"Yebin seems like the type for girl crushes." Eunji said mentioning one of her members who despite her cute appearance was still too boyish.

"You underestimate yourself. Everyone loves that pretty face of yours."

"Really?" Eunji blinked 3 times at V."How come you don't say that to me anymore?"

"V oppa?" Without even turning V knew that the voice belonged to a frowning YuuA. He had heard it too often to ignore.

"Yes?" He asked and turned around to see a smiling YuuA but he knew that the smile was a strained one and it was an anger she reserved when he talked to other pretty girls.

"I didn't know you knew Eunji but why am I not surprised." YuuA said her voice dripping with what seemed like poison.Eunji sheepishly waved and bowed at her sunbae. YuuA returned the bow but looked at V who seemed to look like a deer caught in a headlight all of a sudden.

"I am not sure if you formally met. This is Eunji from Sweethearts and this is YuuA from Oh my Dolls." 

The two women hugged briefly but V heard the exchange all the same.

"Stay away from my boyfriend. This is your only warning." YuuA whispered threateningly.

"No way. He was mine before you even met him. So consider yourself warned." Eunji responded. She looked at V after the hug from YuuA. "Call me when you are free."

YuuA glared at Eunji as she walked away with a suggestive glance at V.

"You are in big trouble with me Mr. Dragon." The OMD lead dancer said as she slapped V's muscular shoulders. "You keep running into your ex girlfriends so often that it bothers me."

"I think the only place where I don't have an ex is Jejudo. Oh wait. I had one there too."

"Jejudo? You even cross oceans to find girls? You are not helping yourself with me. "

"I don't think I can make it any worse."

YuuA sighed. 

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