Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Dead Eye Navigator Interview:Choosing a Gearhulk"

"Dead Eye Navigator Interview:Choosing a Gearhulk"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I finally found the hidden cove near the shores of Nephalia where the locals told me where I could find a constantly cloaked person. And so I found him , the Dead Eye Navigator surprisingly not influenced by Emrakul and tentacle free despite having to fight quite a few of those tentacled wolves on my way here.

The Deadeye Navigator knows me so he gave me a nod as I approached. He waved an ethereal hand at me to stop.

I threw him 5 pictures on the ground , he picked them up with almost transparent hands and he inspected all of them. 

Deadeye Navigator(DN): So you have more of these?
Me: There are only 5 kinds. Read their abilities. I want to know which you like the most. I know they have no souls to soulbound but if you could which of the gearhulks would you choose?

The Deadeye Navigator took a couple of minutes.

Me:Are you ready?
DN: I have all the time in the world with all those tentacle heads out there.
Me: So tell me your favorite one.
DN: I would tell you my least favorites first.
Me: Ok.
DN: This would be the Cataclysmic Gearhulk. I Soulbond with it I blink it , it comes back and if we are the only two creatures in play one of us will bite the dust. Even if I am a spirit there are still ways to kill me. 
Me: I see.
DN: And the Cataclysmic Gearhulk is compared to the Sundering Titan , the former is a bigger asshole than the latter. At least Sundering leaves you a couple of lands and doesn't care about anything else. The Cataclysmic Gearhulk just leaves a couple of things in its wake. Leave it to White mana creatures to do that.

"Do not play unless you want all of your stuff to blow up." I wrote silently in my pad.

Me: What about the Torrential Gearhulk? You share the same color. You two should get along right?
DN: Whoever invented that one just wanted to control a lot of things. Allowing it to become an instant to let you cast an instant for free? It looks like a giant counter spell to me. I like things that produce when they come into play.

"Torrential Gearhulk is a gigantic counter spell." I wrote again.

Me: Produces things huh? Well these Gearhulks don't really produce anything. It was not in their designs to do so. Probably except the Verdurous Gearhulk that makes you tougher by giving you potentially 4 +1/+1 counters.
DN: It can be great to have this one especially if we are in a deck that has a lot of creatures out on the battlefield. A token deck that could easily be toughened because of those counters.
Me: I agree
DN: It can be counter productive though if it was just the two of us. I could blink the Verdurous Gearhulk but I could only be the target. I can still beef up but if you don't plan on attacking with me then what is the point of all that right?

"Verdurous Gearhulk goes with a lot of things it can toughen.Don't waste on decks that already big creatures in it." Scribbling as fast as I could before asking the next question.

Me: So where are done with 3 Gearhulks so which of the last two do you like?
DN: Noxious Gearhulk is my second choice because of the things that he can do. He can come into play bash a creature in the head and when it dies you gain life equal to that creatures toughness. I don't mind blinking that again and again.
Me: But it doesn't produce anything.
DN: Actually it does. It produces death.

"Keep Noxious Gearhulk away from Deadeye Navigator unless you really need it." My notebook was getting full now but at least we are now just down to one more Gearhulk."

DN: Yes. And I actually believe that you wrote about this Gearhulk. When it comes into play you could have a target opponent allow you to draw 3 cards of if not you self mill 3 cards to your graveyard. The Combustible Gearhulk is perfect for EDH games because people would always use high mana cost spells or creatures that they could not normally use in any other formats. So if they do not allow you to draw 3 cards they reach the potential of a massive amount of Damage. 
Me: They still have a choice at least.
DN: Not really. If let us say they do not allow you to draw and the 3 cards you put in your graveyard are land cards. They do not get any damage. Only...
Me: Only what?
DN: Only I am in play as well and with enough mana I could keep on blinking the Combustible Gearhulk to make him ask that question again and again. Burn now or Burn later?
Me: I didn't know you ready my articles
DN: Nothing much to do around here but read.

"Make Combustible Gearhulk ask his favorite question again and again. Burn now or burn later."

Me: Well I guess that is all that I came for today.
DN: Thanks for the visit..I guess. Call me when you have an EDH game set up?

With the the Deadeye Navigator went into his dark cave , contemplating on things that only he could understand.

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