Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Brave Girls - Yoohoo MV reaction: Always a good time for a pool MV."

"Brave Girls - Yoohoo MV reaction: Always a good time for a pool MV."
The Vole

It is hard to think of a summer pool party when it is officially monsoon season in your country but the Brave girls who have now dropped their tough girl crush concepts in favor of the "We are your girlfriends" approach reminded me how it is still considered Summer in Korea when they came up with a private pool party concept that I believe is just an excuse to show off their healthy curvy figures in sexy 2 piece bikini's with the exception of the very curvy , cutie sexy rapper Hyeran who seems to be going for the pink one-piece but still looking hot.

The Brave girls have been gone for almost 3 years and after changes to the line up are probably one of the girl groups who come to exhibit natural female figures. I still believe that they diet but they look more natural as opposed to what Stellar had turned themselves into for their last comeback.

Yoohoo is a light song and it's up beat tone is perfect for when you are hanging out with your friends. Preferably in a pool party although it would also help if you are not in a country with the monsoon alerts constantly up. If you find yourself dancing to this track then it is not much of a surprise. With Hyeran sounding a little bit like Hyuna in her rap parts , I am not comparing though since I feel like she deserves her time in the spotlight. When Deepened , their first single of this year came out , she cried worrying that this might be their last song but Yoo-hoo proves just how their management believes in them as this is their 3rd song for the year , one song for each of the years that they were gone.

So please don't cry anymore Hyeran. Just keep being your curvy self and rap some more.

I am not sure why they are not promoting this song in the live shows as of this writing but with Kpop heavy weights like EXO , Red Velvet and Apink currently promoting new singles may have affected their managements decision for promotions.Again I am just happy that they are still making MV's and look forward to a lot more from them.

The Brave girls are showing how brave they really are , embracing change  ,accepting challenges and maybe next time we would have live stages of them to watch too. Rise Brave girls. 

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