Monday, September 26, 2016

"Gabby Alipe - Demons - Lyrics and then some"

"Gabby Alipe - Demons - Lyrics and then some"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Have you ever liked a song that you literally took out a pen and paper and started to write down the lyrics as you listened? I have not done that for almost 3 decades now but I did. After listening to the song Demons by Gabby Alipe on youtube last week I knew that I would not stop until I understood it. Now before some of my family and friends with very religious beliefs start saying. "Oh my goodness June is now listening to Demonic music!. This is not the kind of demonic music that is going on around. And no I am not about to sacrifice stuff to appease those kinds of demons. And no I am not into that.

I would like you to understand that this song is not about Demons per se. When you get around to watching the video do not get distracted by the black portal seemingly ringed with orange. It has nothing to do with the song but it might incite a funny laugh from the set designers once they shot it. 

According to Gabby himself this is a song about Moving on. And since this was an accoustic set and people were recording with their phones you could clearly hear a girl saying , "moving on te!". When the song title was said I think the same girl said , "Uy Demons daw." Which goes to show that you can afford to go to a concert and still miss the points of the song or what the artist is trying to convey.

Nowadays everything is readily available when you type it on any search engine but when you type this song nothing comes up. Not even references to it. Probably because this will come out in Gabby's EP , A New Strain somewhere around October. The carrier single is Visions so might want to check that out since that it already available. Give the man some love as he tries to entertain us with his distinctive voice.

And so without further delay let me give you the lyrics to Demons:

When we kissed you tasted fire
Let's me know that I'm alive
Thank the Earth that brought us closer , baby
See you fit the same design

As we dive into the waters
So we sink into the night
Let me bathe in you deep
Let our guiding winds carry

All our demons aside
Were speaking in tongues we didn't sing
Feeding the yearning
All the demons we hide
Slowly Uncovering
Constantly Learning

In those brief unsettling moments
where we learn how to survive
Refocus all my effort
Into everything that's right
I'll reflect on them deep.
Let the guiding light show me.

Repeat Chorus

Wherever you go , I'll follow you
I'm losing all self control
Whenever you call , I lose all reason
I just can't deny

I'll follow you
I'm losing all self control
Whenever you call , I lose all reason
I just can't....

Repeat Chorus

.....Constantly learning X 5.

When I was listening to this some religious imagery came into my mind especially about speaking in tongues , guiding light  ,guiding winds. I thought to myself , hey Gabby has found some religion but then again that was just a first impression since  a song could mean anything and by anything whatever meaning a n artist can assign to it even if it does hint at certain things. I was so wrong about Gravity when it seemed like a song about Sex and the band said that it was a song about Addiction. So yeah.

All I could say is that I enjoyed this accoustic rendition and cannot wait to listen to this track on the new EP. October is around the corner. Treat yourself to the New Strain. I know I will.


Authors Note: 
I do not own the picture show on this blog. I do not own the lyrics to this song or any part of this song. I just wanted to write this down so I can sing to it and I hope that I got it right.


  1. For me looks like it is a song about mistakes and realizations in life. Thanks for the lyrics man!

    1. I also agree with that interpretation. You are welcome and thanks for reading.