Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Kaladesh Conspiracy: Will all be One?"

"Kaladesh Conspiracy: Will all be One?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr,

Ah Kaladesh. A Brand new artifact plane with a lot of goodies to play with. All is shiny and new and elegant and pleasant to the eyes. Despite having some of the most destructive and powerful artifact cards to date this new plane has a high level science fair feel to it that pulls at my inner nerd heart strings. It feels exhilirating to see new things and in this plane you really get electrified. Check out all the cards that give you energy counters if you don't catch my drift. It seems like every thing you do here gives you more energy to do more things later on.

Despite all this  , despite all this beauty and wonder I cannot help but feel the Phyrexian in me staring at this new Plane and it feels like it needs a drop of Phyrexian oil to get things started. There are a few people who believe that Kaladesh might go the way of Mirrodin...err...New Phyrexia. Maybe not in the immediate future but there are signs that Wizards of the coasts might steer in that direction.

I just drool at the thought of seeing things with the Infect mechanic. The thought of the current Gearhulk cycle phyrexianized plus the Metalwork Colossus that would probably be a hand returning version of the Blightsteel Colossus should it get infect. Oh and Kaladesh is teeming with all sorts of vehicles that needs to be Crewed. Those vehicles would benefit mightily from a germ token taking the wheels and driving.Sorry for the long rambling there. The images of Phyrexianized things is just simply awesome.

Here are 3 reasons why Kaladesh might be a New Phyrexian extension in the near future:

"Phyrexians love Progress"
3) Artifacts and Cards in Kaladesh that help out the Infect  mechanic and Infect creatures significantly even if it seems inadvertently this might hint at something more sinister in Kaladesh's future. Check out Animation module who at first glance seems harmless enough since it could give you extra energy counters but then you start to realize that this could also be used to increase Poison counters on an already infected opponent. 

2) The 2nd set in the Kaladesh block is entitled Aether Revolt. Now just who or what are the Aetherborn? And will they be the one's revolting 2 months from now? Phyrexia has a lot of reach and these new beings might be agents that could open the doors for them to get a foothold in this new plane. Who knows right? It really is fun to speculate if they are new agents of Phyrexia or have agenda's of their own when it comes to Kaladesh.

1) I did post this online. Think about the one Planeswalker who was in New Phyrexia during its invasion who is now also residing Kaladesh? None other than good old Tezzeret himself who last time we checked was an Agent of Bolas and was sent to New Phyrexia on his behalf.

I would like you to consider that Mirrodin became New Phyrexia using a drop of oil from the Planeswalker Karn. It is a very tantalizing thought that Tezzeret might have some of that good ol Phyrexian oil on him even if he does not know it. Maybe one of his dreadlocks brushed a wall with the oil or after meeting with other Phyrexians he sat on a very oily chair and it seeped in to his clothes or skin. Or maybe just by being exposed to the Phyrexian plane he might have acquired it. More sinister would be the thought that he knowingly brought some himself , probably in some ornate , cool looking clear glass jar that he might unleash on the command of Bolas or based on his own ambitions.

Of course these are pure speculations at this point. Nothing as solid as the hints that Wizards of the coast was scattering  before Emrakul made her appearance in Innistrad. We will just have to wait for all of this pass and then be happy that Infect would finally be back on the table.

Thank you for reading and what other theories do you have about the Plane of Kaladesh? 


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