Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Heart strings. Collections on a chain.
A little god gone so astray
Using his powers on mortals
Swaying him to his ways

Maidens lust and think of love
Princes take and end all that
Cupid is the culprit
Of Misrepresenting what is what

So be wary of the arrows
especially those that hit your heart
Cupid has gone rogue
And the feelings might turn you inside out



Editor's Notes: "Cupid" is 2 of  6 in my Change Series where I take a song title and write a poem that is totally different from the songs narrative or meaning. This series revolves around the discography of the Kpop Group Oh my Girl and a song written by one of their seniors in B1A4. 

I do not own the picture shown in this blog.

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