Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Stellar - Sting MV Reaction"

"Stellar - Sting  MV Reaction"
The Vole

I know what Stellar looks like but I wanted to just listen.And their latest offering Sting was an audio delight. They really are talented and they have put up another catchy song that will be sure to go on top of the charts ,  at least for awhile until the next release of the other groups who have promised Comebacks for this year. I actually fell asleep listening to this soothing sound and to think that this was supposedly a dance tune. A sexy dance tune!

The lovely foursome of Gayoung , Minhee , Junyool and Hyoeun have made a come back and they do not disappoint in the vocal departments.
Minhee starts off the song with its deep bass lines and lead keyboards fading in and out of the background.

After Vibrato came out with all the suggestive images of a woman's reproductive organs there was some concern that Stellar would have to do something more sexy to top it of. Well I can honestly say that there are no suggestive images in their new video.In fact it is not really suggestive.They are actually displaying where they want to be stung. Well the Sting actually refers to the woman's words as she asks her lover if she is getting through to him. Are you feeling anything from my words? Does it sting? 

But with all the images of Minhee pulling up her legs to reveal her crotch area as she lays on her side on a bed one cannot help but imagine that the Sting in the title is meant to be something else. Oh and if you notice the cactus from Vibrato is back. That little Prick!
Or should I say a lot of pricks?

Fans can expect a minimalist approach to sexiness here that is nonetheless very effective in capturing attention. Minhee being photographed in bed in the opening sequence , Gayoung splaying her legs on a yellow couch , Junyool in thigh high black stockings and clear shots of her white underwear as she turns her long legs this and that. And Hyoeun? Well she has pointer clickers pointing at her nearly there shorts and she seems to be deathly afraid of them.

Let us just say that there are certain people that will be happy to stop click this video...Uhm...For Video editing lessons.

I mean minimalist because their is none of the hip twisting , thigh opening and butt rubbing that marked their other videos. Even the outfits are simple and subdued until you reach the latter half of the video. There was that one portion where they did a catwalk of sorts but that's the only part that probably hurt my eyes.

If you are a fan of Stellar then expect a treat in this latest video. Me I am probably happy that I am part of a release as it happened. Not something that I only heard months later. With or without the video of endless crotches though this song is certainly worth listening to. No unnecessary moaning or anything like that. Just a simply catchy tone.

I watched the Dance Video/ Practice video and they are showing that same shirt pulling move that got another Kpop girl group banned(Rainbow I believe). I am not sure how that will turn out in the future. I guess their trademark step on this is the X cross step that they do as they move to the side. Looks complicated but fun to pull off for people who watch videos like this in order to research for dance steps.

So ends my first reaction to any music video. I hope Stellar continues to stand out in the future. I expect better things from them with or without the sexy.

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