Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Sorin , Grim Nemesis: The Lord Markov is Ahunting"

"Sorin , Grim Nemesis: The Lord Markov is Ahunting"
Virglio F. De leon Jr.

I remembered when I first saw Sorin used in an EDH game. One of his abilities reduced an opponents life to 10 which caused worry around a lot of kitchen table tops around the globe. From 40 to 10 life.

Of course we did not expect magic to reprint or even make a Sorin with something so devastating. However Sorin Grim Nemesis is not someone that you do not want to trifle with.

For as far as I can remember this is probably the only planeswalker that has the ability to end another planeswalker as soon as it hits the battlefield. I mean if Sorin is merely out to kill Nahiri then he could easily do it with just 4 loyalty counters and still be alive next turn so that you could deal damage to all of your opponents with his first skill. All that for the price of 6 mana. Planeswalkers with 6 or more counters are rare so chances are that within Limited any planeswalker can be killed by Sorin , Grim Nemesis. Nahiri , Arlinn and Jace won't be able to survive an encounter with this vendetta driven vampire. 

I am sorry if I jumped right into Sorin , Grim Nemesis' second ability but his first ability is no pushover either. It kind of drives you to play with bigger creatures or spells(like the ones in EDH perhaps?)  since it means that you would lose life equal to its converted mana cost. So if you reveal the top card of your library to be Emrakul the Aeons Torn then that is a solid 15 life loss all across your EDH table. On its own it could possibly win you the whole game if your opponents are already on their last 15 life points. Oh and since you also get to put the revealed card into your hand you have an added threat if you have enough mana.

So you made everyone loss life and gain a card to boot.Talk about EDH potential.

Sorins third ability is a bit odd one for me since it would put 1/1 Black Knight Creature tokens with lifelink into the battlefield based on highest life total among players. The odd thing is if you keep getting big creatures or spells opponents would likely have lesser life totals than most.Then again EDH games are unpredictable and there would be players who would have a life point cushion over everyone. The third skill might also be based on your own life total as well. Oh well one thing is for sure if one player has 40 life then 40 1/1 Black Knights might just be the trick to get them to lose that 40 life. Way to go Sorin. You just scare me with your EDH potentials.

So I guess it's not just Nahiri who should be wary(uy nagrhyme!) but every EDH loving player. We will see just how this new Sorin will make waves in the coming months. 


  1. i am going to be running this event and would love if yu bogged it and tweeted about it



  2. Could you PM me more details like venue and such? And who might be a great contact person if players have concerns. Thanks