Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Laboum: Aalow Aalow MV reaction: Where is Yulhee?"

"Laboum: Aalow Aalow MV reaction: Where is Yulhee?"
The Vole

When Laboum came out with Aalow Aalow last December I had doubts that this MV would gain any traction with fans. The 6 member group consisting of Yu-Jeong , So- Yeon , ZN , Hae-In , Solbin and Yul-hee is probably busy making a new video since their Crowd funding endeavor with Makestar was successful in getting the support from fans last Feb 2016. Not a peep from them since then so I expect a great video from them.  

This is one the earliest things I wrote so I had to revise a bit. This MV has a lot things working for it since it is Laboum and their bright energy can still be felt even though it seems subdued. I mean they are in just one room playing with Globes and Gumball machines.

One of the things in this video is that there main vocalist So Yeon is sporting shorter hair and has been given more air time than most of the members combined. Probably because there are a lot of high parts in this song and they want to show off what their main vocals can do.

Another thing that you would notice is that there is no rap part in the MV which has made Yulhees airtime much lesser. She has the least part in the MV and I find that such a shame since she has been dieting and the results have shown because her face doesn't look like a square anymore. You actually see her jawline and when they were doing promotions I did not recognize her as Yulhee. I thought they recruited a new member! I hope no one gets me wrong here . I love Yulhee in all her forms may it be the chubby or well chiseled one. I just wished they gave her a little more air time here or a little close up. There is probably a reason for that but I am not sure of what that is exactly.

Don't let the blazing electric guitars at the beginning of the song get to you. Once the lead singer begins you are sure to be hooked by Laboums latest offering.

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