Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Oh My Girls: Liar Liar MV reaction"

"Oh My Girls: Liar Liar MV reaction"
The Vole

After waiting for what seemed liked an eternity (actually probably just a few months after Closer came out) OMG is finally back and with one heck of an upgrade to the strenghts that they already possess. The MV for Liar Liar boasts of a Wonderland theme that showcases the group individual charms and appeals. Their powerful vocals rises and there is a definite improvement to their Visual Department. The usual suspects of YooA , Jiho and Arin all look pretty and charmingly cute. Notably Binnie is in a Tweedle Dee/Dum outfit of striped knee high socks and the longer hair have done her good. She always seemed like she could be more sensual or prettier and here she just does that. Jine who has been steadily growing in the charm department is seen to break out here too.Check out Jine in her blue dress and Red Butterfly hairband. Candy Leader Hyosung and Seunghee's vocals resonate throught the song and that particular scene where they face off is just wonderful as an Alice and Red Queen. Mimi had little parts here and there but when she rapped you better believe that you would stop and stare. Look into her eyes and tell me that she didn't steal a little of your heart. 

All in all the stars of this video are still the 3 main Visuals. Check out the Maknae standing out in every little scene that she is in , thinner and prettier. JiHo on the other hand has that scene where she dunks her head in an aquarium full of water.Such commitment.Here is to hoping that none of the weekly variety show hosts will ask her to do that again on live TV. Then again that is just wishful thinking because I am already guessing that a lot of these said hosts will ask her to do the very same thing in the coming weeks.

And of course one cannot help but miss the Bed scene involving YooA. Yes there are a couple of bed scenes here. The members seems to be wallowing or swimming on the plush velvet bed but the iconic scene is the living doll YooA in thigh high white stockings and doll dress singing at the very end of the song. If by this time you weren't slain by the members cute close ups then YooA will finish the job just fine. 

While there is none of the precision dancing that OMG is known for in this MV believe me when I say that all those close ups and individual expressions of the members will more than make up for that. Now here is to waiting for the making MV and the Performance videos that ought to come out in the coming weeks.

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