Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Forgotten Creation: Killer Miller 2016"

"Forgotten Creation: Killer Miller 2016"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

If there was ever a card that would represent all of those piles of cards that have been left on tables and fat packs that were supposed to turn into awesome decks but were never finished then this would be the one. Forgotten Creation.

Every magic player has one of those side deck projects that they never get to finish may it be because of lack of time or financial constraints or the simple unavailability of a particular combo piece.

These are the decks that you tend to revisit when you are cleaning your room and you get lost in the concept of why you created it in the first place. You get enthralled by the power of what it represents and will it could be but you know that it will always be unfinished.

As for the actual card Forgotten Creation. This is hinted that it is one of Stitcher Geralfs earlier creations or maybe his quote was inspired when he saw this skulking around somewhere. 

A 3/3 Skulk creature for the price of 4 mana is not bad but it's actual built ability lets you do wonderful things that interact with things like Madness and Delirium. For one thing you could easily fill up your Delirium Quota by a single hand dumping.

Then again that would just be for the zombie tribe and it seems more like a Blue black deck could take advantage of all this Hand being dumped into the graveyard.

One of the things that intrigue me though is this cards interaction with the Magic Origins card Sphinx's Tutelage. In essence when you throw away your hand let us say that you have 5 cards. The Forgotten Creation would let you draw 5 fresh cards from your deck then the Sphinx's Tutelage will trigger for each card that you have just drawn. The thing is you will have to see the 2 cards that your opponent mills to the graveyard and check if they are both nonland cards that share a color so that the process could repeat. If not then there are 4 more triggers to resolve. At this point let us just say that your opponent did not have nonland cards that share a color that fell to his or her GY. They would have still milled 10 cards all in all. Not bad right? Now they need to survive the next couple of turns because if you don't cast any cards this turn there would be 6 new triggers for the Sphinx's Tutelage(including your first card draw next turn). I love these alternate builds to winning in Magic.

Now let me look at all those Forgotten Creations lying around the house.Maybe I could find the time to improve them after all. 

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