Thursday, March 31, 2016

"AoA Cream - Baby MV Reaction : Far from Being sloppy seconds"

"AoA Cream - Baby MV Reaction : Far from Being sloppy seconds"
The Vole

AoA cream is a sub unit of Ace of Angels consisting of Main Vocals/Visuals Yuna , Rapper/ Dancer Chan Mi and Vocal/Visuals/Dancer Hyejong.

Their initial offering is a track called Baby. The MV prominently features scenes of transformation Ala Sailor moon. Complete with iconic poses and moon wands. Pink is probably the only color available when they went out and chose the set because pink is the dominant color all in every scene of the MV. There is a plot somewhere mainly revenge after Hyejongs character gets cheated on by her supposed boyfriend. Like I said to a friend Getting cheated on and getting revenge is a common Kpop theme. Dalshabet did that in Someone Like You earlier this year. I will keep my eye posted on who else does it mainly because I get tired after reading medical texts.

From my point of view the AoA cream subunit makes sense. AoA needs to release songs as I believe their song from last year Oh boy did not make the buzz needed to make it popular. The chicken dance thing in that song was so unsexy. The sub unit also serves as a platform to showcase these threes overshadowed assets. With Choa promoting Flame(or I still think she is promoting) , Jimin still in unpretty rap star where she tries and proves that she is a tough rapper rather than a cute rapper , Mina and CF Queen Seolhyun either busy with a TV or Movie project there is no way that they could go full blast with a comeback featuring all 7 members. Or 8 if you count their drummer who has not been seen for awhile since AoA Black(The Band Sub Unit) is out of commission for awhile. Jimin , Mina and Choa were 3/5ths of that group.

I caught myself laughing when I saw the title for their making the video clip of their song Baby. It was called Baby Making Video. I kid you not. Look it up on youtube and you will see Baby Making Video. Probably a harmless mistranslation from Korean or a very good marketing strategy to up the View count. Either way I would have clicked it but did not expect to see any babies being made. 

About the song itself. Some of the best parts are the whoops interspersed. The Rapping part where Chan Mi shows that she is the tougher side of AoA Rap while still retaining that sexy feel. When she starts with I'm your will finish listening to the whole rap. Yuna and Hyejong get to sing a whole lot more without Choa and her tender but sexy voice hogging all the limelight. Yuna hit that Major high note almost to the end and I cannot help but clap in recognition.

In the future I do hope that AoA still performs as a whole group but in the meantime we would have to be content with Cream. Far from being sloppy seconds they are a whole new flavor unto themselves. Check them out.

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