Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Nahiri,The Harbinger: Putting that anger to good use."

"Nahiri,The Harbinger: Putting that anger to good use."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Nahiri is angry. Sorin knows it. Innistrad knows it. And now we all know it. After hitting Markov Manor and tearing it to shreds we now see her planeswalker card which screams to be added to certain EDH or Sparkswar builds.

Let us get down to it. Nahiri's first ability lets you discard a card and you draw a card. This ties in really well to the Madness mechanic that is making a comeback to standard. Not only do you get to cast things for their madness cost but you also get to draw one card.So far the majority of cards with madness are in Red(and Black). You have a good burn spell in Fiery Temper and good creatures like Incorrigble Youth that you could pay for 3 mana instead of its original 5 mana cost or Reckless Wurm from Planar Chaos which is similarly costed.You could also play around with flashback cards if you wanted to in your decks.

The Battle for Zendikar Block came out with a lot of enchantments that you want to get rid of. Cards like the Oaths and Retreats and even controlling enchantments like Isolation Zone or Suppression Bonds. I even saw a deck that featured Sigil of the Empty Throne which could easily be taken cared of by Nahiri's second ability. I do have some issues with the tapped creature and tapped artifact because it meant that it was already utilized before she could neutralize it but heck if it means taking out a creature before it could deal damage to you again I wouldn't really mind.

Now on to her third ability that lets you summon a creature or artifact into existence.If what you summoned is a creature it gains haste and if it is still alive at the end of your turn then you get to return it to your hand at the next end step.

"By your artifacts combined I am.... Kadra!"
Now the obvious targets for this is the Eldrazi brood. I mean just one of those older version gets you to annihilate things from your opponents end of the board. In standard , you could summon the current versions of Ulamog and Kozilek as well and maybe Emrakul who I believe will come out of the Nephalia Drownyards pretty soon. Other tempting targets include Titans , Primordials and the Colossi. I mean one Blightsteel is all it will take in modern or EDH to finish off an opponent.

If you don't need a creature at the moment and blasting away your opponents creatures is what you need then you could always bring out a Spine of Ish Sah for pinpoint removal accuracy or the recent Hedron Alignment Network if you are about to be overwhelmed by a horde of 5 or more powered creatures. You could power out any of the Swords or even Batterskull! You could put the final piece(assuming you already have the other 2 out) of a Kaldra equipment and summon Kaldra to aid you to victory. 

So I don't care if Nahiri is angry. As long as she is on my side and aiding me to the road to victory.    

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