Sunday, March 20, 2016

"Inverter of Truth: Getting back in Business"

"Inverter of Truth: Getting back in Business"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I must admit that when Oath of the Gatewatch rolled out I was so out of touch with magic that I just downloaded the images on my laptop and was not able to check the individual cards.I was simply too swamped at work to do so but when I finally got around to buying packs I was happy to find cards that I was not able to look into.

One of these cards was Inverter of Truth which at first glance is a 6/6 flyer for a mere 2 Black and 2 Colorless mana. If there was anything I learned in magic , creatures with similar mana cost like this normally have painful costs like Eater of Days and Leveler. So when I checked out the text Inverter of Truth reminded me so much of the Leveler since it shreds your library or in this case exiles it. While returning your graveyard to replace it. 

If you cast this card in the early turns then this would be tantamount to suicide since you would not have access to cards that you could potentially draw in your deck. However if you are working on a long drawn out strategy as most control players are apt to do. Then Inverter of Truth is a great card. Much like the card Reminisce only on a 6/6 Flyer body. 

Looking on the bright side if you already have a Laboratory maniac on the battlefield and you draw your next card(and hopefully you still have an empty library by then) and your opponent has not killed the maniac then chances are you are on your way of winning the game. So a turn 3 maniac and a turn 4 Inverter of Truth could possibly get you a win by turn 5. Not bad right? This is one of those win conditions that you would be happy to pull off since it is not a guaranteed combo and we all need that little excitement  instead of just stream rolling over an opponents deck.

So let us say you are playing a Mono Black Discarder deck or a Blue Black Control deck, In the latter parts of the game the Inverter could be your win condition via creature kill while at the same time getting all of your "Business cards" back into your deck.All of your Counters , Creature Removal , Card Drawers and Discarders. You get them all back in your library ready to be drawn again so that your opponent could not mount a comeback. With Shadows Over Innistrad already out and we are seeing  a lot of self milling strategies revolving around Delirium we might some game play for this particular Eldrazi if not in Standard but probably in the new EDH decks that would be made in the next couple of months.

Inverter of Truth is a great example of a card that seems like a sucky but actually works if given the right situation.And if all is fails you could always use a 6/6 Flyer on your side of the board right? 

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