Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Pauper Kings: Blue Prowess Sligh 2016"

"Pauper Kings: Blue Prowess Sligh 2016"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I wanted to create an aggressive deck that lets you abuse the removal and control that blue has while having creatures get bigger as you attack with them. The Blue prowess creatures in Standard are few. Basically it boils down to the Umara Entangler and the Jeskai sage. Both have prowess and costed at 2 mana. Elusive Spellfist has a sort of prowess when you cast your 2nd spell of the turn.And for the hidden Fattie of this deck we have the Ringwarden Owl who could sweep in and finish the job for you in the latter part of the games. 

22 x Islands
22 Lands

4 x Umara Entangler 
4 x Jeskai Sage  
4 x Elusive Spellfist 
2 x Ringwarden Owl
14 Creatures

4 x Alchemist's Vial 
4 x Disperse 
4 x Slip Through Space
4 x Anticipate
4 x Clutch of Currents 
4 x Rush of Ice
24 Spells

I only put 14 creatures in this deck because I have the sorceries Clutch of Currents and Rush of Ice here which could also serve as creature summons when you no longer need them to tap or return creatures to their owners hands.

The trick to sligh is to get rid of opposing creatures that would block your attackers. Red usually burns them. Blue. Well it either taps and bounces them back to an opponents hand. Disperse could do it an instant speed. Slip through space makes your creature unblockable and you also get to draw a card. Anticipate is also an instant pumper and card drawer.

So the game plan is to let your opponents resolve their own creatures. Bounce or Tap these creatures while making your own creatures big with Prowess and steadily deal damage because they are able to pass through. Slip Through Space is great in this deck even though it is a sorcery because you could cast it and potentially draw another one. If you could chain 3 of them together your Emara Untangler becomes a 5/4 Unblockable creature! This particular card also makes sure that you are not burdened by a stalemate scenario as you have 4 chances of getting that lethal damage through.

A late addition to the deck is the artifact Alchemist's Vial which allows you to draw a card  , trigger Prowess and if you have enough mana could do wonders for your attackers or blockers.

So what do you think of Blue Prowess Sigh? Any other cards that you may want to add in the build? Thank you for reading and keep on brewing.  


  1. How about Izzet Prowess? Is it much better to choose the bests on both worlds and join them together? :)

  2. It could be another build and it will add burn in the mix. I like it but for this deck I just wanted to focus on Blue. I am excited what new blue cards will be coming out of SOI. Thanks for reading.