Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Dromoka , The Eternal:Tough as Nails"

"Dromoka , The Eternal:Tough as Nails"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

I must admit that the Abzan(Black/Green/White) are some tough mo-----fu---rs! I bet some Abzan would take offense with that since they still see their mothers , I mean even after being dead for centuries and all. I do digress though , I am not here to talk about the Abzan or their dead mothers. I am here to talk about the toughest dragon (without hexproof) that currently exists in standard. Yup this guy is Dromoka , the Eternal. 

So Dromoka has been described as a tough dragon and it is at 5/5. Not only does it shoot beams of light from its mouth but it does seem to get tougher despite the Abzans various attempts at killing it. Aside from being a flying creature it also carries the old Abzan mechanic of Bolster. So when a dragon you control attacks you get to Bolster 2. Simply look for the creature with the least toughness and add a+2/+2 counter on it. Sometimes it could just be plain old Dromoka itself and the 5/5 becomes a gargantuan 7/7 and then a 9/9 on the next turn. Attacking alone or with another dragon Dromoka and her Bolster mechanic makes things bigger fast. In a standard deck Dromoka would have fun with Destructor Dragon and Wardscale dragon(because you can't play multiple copies of herself due to the Legendary rule) With the mana acceleration of Green it would be very easy to cast these latter dragons and since Dromoka only costs 5 mana you could be sure that you would have a couple of these things on the battlefield in no time at all.

Since the dragons in Fate Reforged are in the Allied Colors(colors that complement each other like White/Green) and Mono colors we could expect a lot of the dragons from the last set to have Enemy color combinations like Black/White and Black/Green to complete each Khans color wedge.I can't wait to play a Dragon deck that has a Black/Green dragon in it. Suffice to say EDH Wedge dragon decks would feel a little bit incomplete for the moment until the last batch of these flying embodiments of death reappear.

In the meantime though there are 11 dragons joining various long standing EDH decks and one of those dragons is even in the common slot. It really is time to attack with dragons with more ways than one.  

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