Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Deathbringer Regent: Show Me A Dragon , Show Me Death"

"Deathbringer Regent: Show Me A Dragon , Show Me Death"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Dragons of Tarkir brought on a wave of dragons that people will be playing for years.The very first one we got is the Huge Monoblack creature named Deathbringer Regent.Right off the bat there is something that appeals to you about this guy. 

True to its name this 7 mana costing Dragon is the bringer of death when you have played it from your hand. Barring any counter spells ruining your day it is an effect that assures death. Hopefully for all your opponents creatures. 

However there are a few conditions that you need to be mindful of before you play it from your hand.

1) Check if there are 5 or more creatures in the battlefield...

This plays well into a mono black control deck that is content with controlling the early turns and then wiping the board in the mid to late games. Remember that there has to be 5 creatures in total including those that you control. 

All this means is that if your opponent is ahead in the creature department you could remedy this with the dragon reincarnation of Cacodaemon and Griever Demon. Is it easy to cast a 7 mana creature? Why yes especially in a mono black devotion deck that has Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. If the board is not yet clean with Crux of Fate you could go ahead and use our Deathbringer Dragonlord right here.

Let us all face it. There are times when an opponent could just go ahead and drop creature upon creature. Deathbringer Dragonlord punishes opponents who play those early Caryatids and Coursers. Since the comes into play ability of the dragon is none targetting this also bypasses the hexproof that the certain creatures have like the aforementioned Caryatid.

2) Check if an opponent has nastier/bigger creatures than you.

Yeah , I mean if it is just a bunch of tokens and you have seen your opponents hands and they dont have anything to threaten you with then you might want to hold off in bringing on the pain.

3) Destroy All the Others....Indestructible?

The Deathbringer Regent doesn't solve the problem of indestructible creatures like the god cycle of creatures from Theros but heck the Deathbringer Dragonlord already helps you in a lot of ways. Even if those so called Gods are indestructible the loss of the other creatures on their side of the board may mean that their devotion count could be lowered and therefore make them into mere Indestructible Enchantments.

Yup , indestructible creatures like the aforementioned Gods from Theros or in the case of our Deathbringer Dragonlord , Erebos you play with him very well. Not only do you end up destroying your opponents creatures you then end up with 2 nasty creatures that could finish your foes in this wide open battlefield.

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