Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Mirror Mockery: For The Aggro Cloner "

"Mirror Mockery: For The Aggro Cloner "
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Mirror Mockery is one of those cards that you could build a whole deck concept around. Now that it has been spoiled people are calling it the poor mans Splinter twin. Well the scary thing about this card is that it is quite fast and attached to the right creature could wreak havoc on your opponents. 

Enchanting a creature with Mirror Mockery ensures that you have that creatures effect whenever it attacks. For example you enchant an Eternal witness that is attacking , then what you have is a token copy of that same Eternal witness returning a card each turn (assuming that this enchanted creature does not get killed).

When it comes to EDH comes into play abilities there are several decks that still use the Titans and the Primordials. Imagine attacking with an enchanted Sun Titan , you get to bring a permanent back into play and the Sun titan token that just got into play after you attacked also puts a 3 mana cost or less permanent back from your graveyard! 

One of my favorites would have to with a Terrastodon coming into play each attack and destroying 3 non-creature permanents! Primeaval titan should let you fish out all the lands in your deck in no time with a couple of attacks into the game. 

So what do you do with the token that gets sacrificed at the end of turn any way? well there are a couple of things to do with it. You could fling it for its damage or you could sacrifice it to a Greater Good to draw cards. 

The other side of Mirror Mockery is that is could also be used as a defensive card. A deterrant for the biggest creature to attack. For example you were able to attack it to Atarka. The player controlling Atarka might hesistate to attack with it since you as the defending player would have a token that is the exact copy of Atarka. A copy that could block and kill it. Mirror Mockery could be used this way but where is the fun in that right? I mean you only get to use it once. Whereas if you choose to enchant one of your creatures you could take advantage of the the ETB effect of the enchanted creature every turn. (Or for as long as your creature is alive)

So what other uses have you found for this enchantment?

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