Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Sidisi , Undead Vizier: Wanted An Answer to Silumgar"

"Sidisi , Undead Vizier: Wanted An Answer to Silumgar"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

I was wondering when magic would come up with a demonic tutor on a stick for standard. Sidisi , Undead Vizier reared her ugly head and said: Todolololo to me.

Now that the present of Tarkir has forever been altered and the khans have bowed , died or become ultimate blings for the Dragonlords there have been speculation as to how the Khans in the first set would appear.

If you have been reading Uncharted Realms in the magic website then you would have read about Zurgo Helmsmasher becoming Zurgo Bellstriker.(Insert kampanaryong Kuba joke here). Seriously though I loved Zurgo and was happy to build a standard , EDH and Modern deck around him. And now he strikes Bells for a living? 

So I wondered how my other favorite Khan fared. Sidisi , Brood Tyrant. I think out of all the Khans I have written about her the most and here I am writing another piece about her or should I say the undead version of her. I think there is some sort of irony that the Khan who makes zombies has become a zombie herself. Albeit a very strong zombie.

So Sidisi  , Undead Vizier who happens to serve at the feet of Silumgar is a 5 to cast Black creature that happens to have a 4/6 Zombie Naga Frame. She has deathtouch so she is really handy on the defensive side while not to shabby in dishing out damage either. I could see a lot of monoblack EDH commanders having evil thoughts about this version of Sidisi and why not? It is a demonic tutor on a stick and lets you get anything from your deck as long as you exploit another creature. From a missing combo piece to mass removal , Sidisi would be happy to whisper an answer to your question.And in magic there seem to be a lot more questions than answers.

 She could also fit right into the present Sidisi , Brood Tyrant unlimited zombie tokens EDH deck. It never hurts to have another Card Fetch in your deck. 

I guess this Sidisi isn't in the business of creating potentially unlimited zombies. She is just busy finding something that could eventually kill Silumgar in the long run. So what will you look for with the undead Vizier? 

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