Friday, January 1, 2016

"Pasakay daw sa Audi mo..."

"Pasakay daw sa Audi mo..."
Virgilio F. De leon jr.

A couple of months back my friend Marco and I were driving on the way to Eastwood when we saw this one particular car while we were stopped near Camp Crame.

Yup it was a black Audi TT or Audi Tourist Trophy as I would later read on. TT as you pronounce it is awfully familiar to the word Titi which is a childish way of referring to your penis in the Philippines. Believe me no grown man would ever call his thing a Titi. So like a couple of Highschool boys Marco and I started talking about different scenarios where the word for Audi TT could be mistaken for the thing you called your thing. It was hilarious.

1) "Pre , Itim pala yung TT ng tatay mo.

2) "Tol , sabi ni Sandra pasakay daw sa TT mo."

3) "Shit! nawawala yung TT ko! Nawawala!"

4) "Shit papatayin ako ng tatay ko , nawala ko yung TT niya!"

5) "Tol , patingin naman ng TT mo..."

6) "We could go to the back and I could show you my TT"

7) "Bakit ba ang hilig mo sa TT? Dami namang ibang kotse"

8) "Alam mo may TT ako." (someone shouts at the back) "Ako din , mayrun din ako niyan!"

Needless to say the whole drive was shortened by all the jokes. I think this is the reason why they have a hard time marketing Audi's here. 

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