Friday, January 1, 2016

"Hope 2016"

"If there is death then there is life.
If there is loss then there is gain.
One cannot stay down when one wills to be up.
One cannot help but hope.
And hope is a powerful thing.
So powerful that it changes perspectives and sustains."

"Hope 2016"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

It is no secret that 2015 has been a really tough time for my family. My Moms death and all that it changed could still be felt in our everyday lives and though I want to wallow in my sadness I find that there are people who rely on me to carry on. To smile and be strong.

There is Steph who needs a husband who will provide better.There are many things that she wants and all those things point to us leveling up in every aspect of our lives.She who looks at me and sees so much more than I see in myself. She who believes in me the most.  So this 2016 I will be and hopefully a better one than I was last year.

There is my dad who is the real king of our House. He needs my support as Hand of the King!(My wife is Master of Coin). There is a household to run. There is my brother and sister. All that concerns the house and related to it falls upon my shoulders. So I will be Hand and I will be brother. Hopefully a better one that last year.

There is my One and Only Daughter Aven. Who waits for me and misses me when I am away. She misses me when I am asleep right beside her and can't wait for me to crack the first joke of the day. She who simply cannot wait to tell me how her day went and her thoughts about life and her questions about things that she does not understand. She who listens intently as I explain everything from the common cold to the combustible gases of the gas giants in our solar system.

There are all the clinics that I work for , people who rely on me to be on time and be there every single time. To deliver excellent work. So I will be and hopefully better in 2016.

There are those who wait for me to come back to playing Magic again and those who wait for me to write again. There are those who I have shared advise and those that I have given laughter. There are those whose friendship that I cherished and nurtured all these years. There are my family members who text me and PM and even email me their questions. I will have an answer. I will be me in 2016 and the years after that. Hopefully better than what I was last year.

So goodbye to 2015 and the memories that were made there. Today is about the hope for the present and the future. So no to a new me. Probably just a whole lot better me.

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