Friday, January 1, 2016

"Arianna's Scent"

"Arianna's Scent"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

So recently I was talking to a friend(Sir Ron from that big company in QC) and he told me that Arianna Grande recently launched her new fragrance and that it was named Ari for Arianna Grande's stage nickname. Many foreigners might not have a problem with that name but here in the Philippines it would cause quite a bit of trouble or at least a few giggles when you mention it. You see Ari is actually tagalog slang for the male penis and someone actually wearing the scent of a penis is hilarious if not downright disgusting.

So like the previous thing with Audi TT I got to talking with my buddy Marco and began to wonder why we talk about these things but it was hilarious.

1) "Alam ko yang amoy na yan! Ari!" (Paano mo nalaman?)

2) "Sa akin na lang yung Ari mo." (Ayoko nga)

3) "Hmmm Bango. Ari!"

4) "Tol gusto daw ni Arin yung Ari mo...(bigay mo na!)"

5) "Bakit amoy Ari ka?" 

Sure this might not be as funny as some people would think.It is all about the imagery after all but believe me the image of male genitalia entering peoples minds will rank high above any cute image of Arianna when they begin to read this(thanks to those 10 people who keep reading my stuff). All I can say is good luck marketing Ari here. Every male already has one.

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