Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Soulflayer:I am You"

"Soulflayer:I am You"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

As a Necromancer the only thing I could think of while looking at Soulflayer were Angels , mainly Akroma , Angel of Wrath...

Flying , First Strike , Vigilance , Trample , Haste...Yup , all except the Protection from Red and Black will be absorbed by this Sultai Demon when Akroma is a part of its Delve cost. The 6 to cast demon with is one of the latest creatures to come out of Fate Reforged that has me thinking of Sultai enhancements and other delve power ups. The latest twist is that this creature would acquire specified creature attributes like the one I stated above with Akroma. I believe that unlike other creatures from the past Magic is limiting the things that this creature siphon off from the creatures in the graveyard. 

I recently came up with a Teneb , The Harvester  EDH deck that I felt was missing a certain something in it. Soulflayer just might be that one thing. 

In the meantime here here is what I would call an ideal scenario , with 5 mana you could easily cast Buried Alive , Put Akroma , Avacyn and Sigarda, pay 2 black Mana and Delve for the 4 colorless mana with all those cards in your graveyard(including the Buried Alive that you just cast). The end result is a Flying , First Strike , Vigilance , Trample , Haste , Indestructible , Hexproof 4/4 demon. Yup ,Angels and Demons and in this instant Demons devouring Angels for breakfast. I like the imagery.

One could argue that these Angels would be much better reanimated but hey I am talking about the Soulflayer here and how it could achieve its full EDH potential. The great value of Soulflayer as a finisher when you have these guys in the graveyard and not a single Reanimation spell in your hand.  I am glad that they made this card , slightly weaker in power level but its delve cost gives it great potential as a powerful creature on your side of the battlefield. I mean a bad ass creature for the price of 2 black mana!

Soulflayer  , I am so glad I got you in my PR pack! Time to make this work. Thought  about any other creature that you would love Soulflayer to Grave imprint? Leave me a comment below and thanks for reading!

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