Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"All Good Things 2016"

"This is my last goodbye..."
"All Good Things 2016"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Last Dec 2015 I said goodbye to some of the clinics that I loved. Mainly those in Convergys SM North and MDC Eastwood. These clinics have been part of my early medical career and I was hoping that they would have been a part of me for just a little bit more.

There have been persistent rumors for years that another HMO would take over the clinic but that only came into reality last year and so being informed finally that we will be packing our collective bags and facing unemployment at the beginning of 2016. 

Nurses and Doctors who were affected by this were relocated to other sites but there is still a great number who have not had matches within the available schedules and sites. Many are still waiting for that important text or email or phone call for an offer that they would be able to take. 

It saddens me that every year I lose a clinic slot just like that and now I lose a lot more than just 2 but 5. Basically my whole evening line evaporating into nothingness.

"Biglaang bagsakan....mamimiss ko mga kasection ko..." 
At the end of January 2016 UHG another company that I enjoy working for will be ending its affiliation with my provider due to the US managements decision to make their HMO to be the same as their clinic provider.This would affect another set of doctors for my provider and due to the fact that they have lost all of the Convergys sites in the country the Doctors and Nurses who will be affected by this particular change will need to wait their turn before getting any other clinic slot.

Due to this persistent battle of HMO's and clinic providers to be on top of each other  , lives and fortunes will always change. It makes you want to consider another path or something more permanent. I would also like to think that my path is being cleared for something. I am not sure what it is at this point but there is no way to go but up from here. And I do hope it comes very soon. 

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