Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Why I do not share cake..."

"Why I do not share cake..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Last January 6 one of my favorite med reps brought a cake to the clinic. It was a Conti's Chocolate Cake and by the looks of it was sinfully delicious(It was!). And every time I am given something sweet an internal struggle stats to brew within me.

To share or not to share this moist , sweet cake. Most normal people would because it is in their nature but I go against this particular way because I have an overly active imagination.

So let us say that I give a piece to one of my closest friends or family members. This person would say that they loved it. They would in turn buy their own cake and in time even share it. They would continue to consume cake until they become overweight and then obese. They might develop diabetes and all the other diseases that come with it like Hypertension. They will eventually deteriorate and on their death bed as I visit them they would curse at me. "Why did you give me that piece of cake?"

So my answer to this internal struggle is always the same. I do not share. I simply cannot be responsible for the death of those that I like. I would rather take this chronic poison for myself than give its toxicity to others. I am willing to sacrifice my own body so that others could continue eating their bland foods  , devoid of sweets.I will save them.

Or maybe I just want to hoard it all to myself. I prefer the previous paragraph.

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