Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"The ICU Visitor"

"The ICU Visitor"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

This story happened in a hospital ICU in San Juan. There were two Intubated patients who lay side by side to each other. Nurses in the ICU had just done their routine inspections when the patient on the right began waving his arms frantically. He was pointing at the patient on the left who promptly went into arrest and a Code Blue was sounded.

The patient on the left was eventually revived and stabilized but the patient on the right was still concerned and asked for something to write on. 

"Hinihila kasi yung tubo niya" the patient wrote

"Sino po ang humihila tatay?" the nurses asked.

"Yung mama na nakatayo  kanina diyan."

The Doctors and Nurses looked at each other.

"Tapos na ang visiting hours. Puwede na po kayong umalis." One of the doctors joked.

A curtain fell for no possible reason.

The Nurses stayed in pairs that night.

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