Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"The Forsaken Gems"

"The Forsaken Gems"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"Are we alone?" - Steven
"I don't think so." - Garnet

Farm City.15kms North of Beach City.

People from Farm City consider Beach City as their friendly neighbors and have always had a good relationship with them when it comes to trade. Their city was a quiet one except for the sound of motorized farming vehicles which sowed seed and in turn harvested them when it was time. Life was slow and life was pleasant. People would wake at dawn and sleep relatively early. All was silent.

All that silence was shattered when a Winged Dark Shadow descended upon the city and attacked the nearest farming vehicle. In what seemed like a horrible lifetime the people of Farm City pointed at the menace that was now destroying their machines and their crops. 

Then just as suddenly the winged creature flew off and disappeared into the sky.


Beach City.

Garnet bolted upright in her bed."There's trouble we need to go to Farm City."

"Like Right now?"Amethyst asked her sleepy voice.

"Yes , of course" Pearl chimed in. I will begin activating the Warp Pads now. 

"No need for the warp pads Pearl." Garnet said as she began flexing her gauntlets." I fear that whatever caused the trouble in Farm City is heading towards us."

"Oh My." Pearl said.


It remembered an army. It remembered friends. It remembered a smiling face. It tried to remember its own name. Tried to shout it but it only came out as a roar.

It must remember.It must remember before it was too late.


"Here it comes!" Pearl said pointing to a dark shape that was fast becoming clear in each of their sights.

"Another Gem Beast" Amethyst said as she blew out some air out of her lips. "Isn't there something better for us to do?"

Garnet ignored her sulking companion. "Judging by it's size and speed we would be having a real fight on our hands."

"Is that supposed to be scary Garnet? You say that all the time."

"I mean it this time."

"Heads up everyone!" Pearl shouted as a solid blue beam of light came out of the beasts mouth and vaporized everything in its path.

"A Gem Dragon!" Amethyst said as she began shaping herself into a ball and bounded toward the beast. "Now this is getting exciting!"

Amethyst bounced off the dragon and landed some distance away in the ocean. Pearl slapped her palm on her forehead while shaking it from side to side. "Always so reckless"

"The last time I saw a Gem Dragon was when General Topaz was cracked on the home world!"

"There is only one way to find out. We have to subdue it and check her crystal composition."

Garnet nodded at Pearl and they performed a maneuver that they have not done in awhile. 

Pearl with her spear thrust forward lunged straight at the beast  , the monster instinctively tried to fire a Blue Flame right at her. At the right moment Pearl evaded the beam and the beast was hit with one of Garnets Gauntlets. The diversion worked and they landed a strong blow but it merely glanced on the blue gems exterior. 

"It's really tough!" Pearl said.

"I know a place where it isn't as hard." Garnet gestured toward the part where both wings connected to the beast. 

"I got it."

This was it Garnet who was running diversion for Pearl. She fired her gauntlets at the Gem Dragon and hoped that they would return to her in time so that she could deflect any counter attack but the Blue beast was upon her. She braced herself for the impact that never came. Amethyst had jumped with Steven on her back with his Gem Powers enveloped them in a pink shell.

"Thank you Steven"Garnet said stiffly. Still not getting used to Steven saving her at times.

"You are welcome. What is that thing?" Steven said with a mix of enthusiasm and awe.

"A Gem Dragon." Garnet Replied

"Wow! A Gem Dragon!" 

"Thats what I said when I saw it too!" Amethyst said.

The beast was so busy trying to get through Stevens shell that it was all but oblivious to the diving attack that pearl was doing from above.


And then Pearls Spear pierced the left joint of its left wing which caused it to separate. The Beast fell below amidst a low tide and some tall rocks.

"Way to go Pearl!" Steven said "Now let's see if its ok."

All four landed on the beach a few meters away from the Gem Dragon. They were curious as to why this particular monster would attack without any obvious motive. They tried to move toward it but before they did a young girl landed in front of the dragon and with one motion swirled her long blond hair to the left , it seemed to extend further and further and Steven was almost hit by her golden locks before Garnet yanked him back in time.

"It's just hair" Amethyst said. "I can do that too see" Amethyst was also swinging her hair while she laughed.She stopped when she saw that the rocks surrounding the dragon were all sliding to one side. 

"What? She cut them?" Pearl said.

"I think we all know what she is." Garnet said.

"You are like me aren't you?" Steven said moving forward unafraid.

The young girl looked at them one by one and lingered her angry gaze on Steven.

"I am Venice. And I am nothing like you..."

To be continued....

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