Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"My...My...Endless One!"

"My...My...Endless One!"
Virglio F. De leon Jr.

I thought of that song once I got to see this latest Eldrazi monstrosity that has just come out of the woodwork.  With a mana cost of X. Meaning if you put in an X amount of mana then you would possibly end up with the biggest creature in all of magic. There are a lot of infinite mana combos out there and I am sure as hell going to try to make this guy the biggest it can be.

I do have existing decks that will welcome this into the fold like what it did to Hangarback Walker. Vorel of the Hull Clade just loves doubling counters on things and Endless One has gotten him feeling a little more frisky than usual. I mean you could be putting on a lot of +1/+1 counters on this guy attacking with him and then doubling those counters before damage dealing could be done because of Vorel's ability. 

Endless One is something that you would call a Hydra in Magic. Unfortunately unlike the other Hydras he just seems like a Vanilla one , with no cool ability to back up his Eldrazi status. However since he is colorless this equates to having a Vanilla Hydra in all the possible color combinations. I mean at least for those colors that could give him the mana he needs to grow and be the best Endless One he could be.

He could just be a Zero creature.Come into the Battlefield and Die. Flip Over Liliana and you could have a good old necromantic time with her. Or you could choose to let him have those +1/+1 counters.

There are a lot of uses for those +1/+1 counters on him. It could be transferred to other creatures , it could be converted to other counters like those needed by Dark Steel Reactor. However what I would really have to do is attack with him.  And burst out into song...

Eldrazi Whip...Allies go Nay Nay...

Be on the look out for Endless One in the mid to latter parts of the game as a turn 1 , 1/1 Eldrazi doesn't really look that impressive but in EDH games where Infinite Mana Combos are more easily available expect this guy to come out way bigger than any of the Original Eldrazi Brood.

Have fun Eldrazi whipping someone!


  1. Endless One and Forerunner of Slaughter or other haste enablers as a late game drop.

    Endless One can also be a 1 drop if you drop into Ghostfire Blade or a t3 5/5 with forerunner and ghostfire blade. Yes, they die to a bolt or a shock but what other powerful cards die to it the same way? The game isn't built on what dies to what but rather how you play your cards against what you are facing.

    Comparing it to hangarback walker for all intents and purposes is a bad comparison. I like this card not as a hangarback walker or just another counter creature but as a card you can brew around several concepts.

    1. I have to agree with you Alex. Those are really great uses for the Endless One.The Hangarback which I am also a fan of has a different purpose than Endless One. Thanks for reading.