Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Noyan Dar , Roil Shaper: Waking up the Real Estate"

"Noyan Dar , Roil Shaper: Waking up the Real Estate"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

It is no secret that Zendikar hates the Eldrazi and its not just the inhabitants of the Plane but the thing that makes up the plane itself. Its land. By the sound of all that rumbling in the plane they are none to happy that these abominations are still around and like the white blood cells of the immune system they want to expel these invaders out. All they need is a little help from this guy.

Noyan Dar is good at one thing and that is to wake up the land while casting powerful magic spells that may or may not be targeting the land. As long as you cast an Instant or Sorcery you would be getting a 3/3 Elemental creature with Haste. It doesn't revert back to just being a land after it has been reanimated though. It becomes a creature that is still a land. 

There is a possibility that control will be able to come up with a control deck that features less creatures and has tons of Sorcery and Instant speed spells. Who needs creatures when you could go about casting magic and have the creatures that you need right? Just do your thing countering Left and Right and all your lands would be manlands in no time at all.

There is the new Roil Spout and Sheer Drop that are both defensive in nature as well as Coastal Discovery that replenishes your hand as well with 2 cards. All three could potentially be used for its Awaken Cost or simply be used as spells for Noyan Dar.

Cards like Planar Outburst also support the land animation theme. If you cast it for its awaken cost of 8 mana and Noyan Dar is in play. The following events will occur. All Non-land Creatures are destroyed. Since you triggered Noyan Dar , you end up with a 3/3 Elemental and another 4/4 Elemental from Planar Outburst. And with the board just swept you could attack for 7 unblocked damage because both these elementals have haste! 

The draw back that I see is that you are using your own lands as creatures. You could be vulnerable to Land destruction and its inherent mana shortage since what kills creatures could also kill your lands. Bear in mind that Day of Judgement , End Hostilities and Crux of Fate are all board sweepers that are still available in Standard.

Enter Darksteel Citadel , this Indestructible land will be one of the best Targets for Noyan Dar's Awakening ability. Opponents would have all kinds of trouble dealing with a 3/3 indestructible land. Unless they were already hoarding Celestial Flare.

In my opinion the best land to threaten an opponent with is an animated Inkmoth Nexus.A 4/4 Elemental/ Flying creature with Infect!Now that is my kind of land! Pardon me my Phyrexian is showing.

All of the Manlands could be targeted really if you have no other viable lands to target.I mean these lands become stronger with the counters that you add to them anyway. Win Win!

I really see one of my teammates enjoying this card in EDH. I mean casting Serum Visions and you have a creature. Cast Ponder and you have a creature. Cast Brainstorm and you have a creature. With the Correct timing you could animate all your lands and have at least 5 of them attacking. It gets even better if you choose Talrand , Sky Summoner as your "Lieutenant". He could make Drakes for you for all the Instant and Sorcery's that you cast. I see a lot of potential for these guys in the future. 

Let the new Merfolk alliance begin. Lets awaken some Real Estate. 

Editors Note:
Thanks Judge Ian Mervin Go and Raven Knives for Clarifying the Rules about the Inkmoth.

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