Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Living Lore: When Scrolls Attack"

"Living Lore: When Scrolls Attack"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

Here we go again after all the hyped cards and the stabilization of prices that follow after a new expansions release. I am now happily able to buy certain "crap"(another mans trash , another mans treasure ) rares and see if I could run with it in the EDH setting.The card that I have set my sights on today is Living Lore. 

Have you ever been attacked by books before? Maybe the worst time a book hurt you physically was when someone threw one at you or a book dropped on you from a high place like a shelf. Well if you live in the world of Alternate Time Tarkir AKA Present Tarkir the books or specifically the scrolls there could actually kill you. Talk about crushed by pages of an unread manuscript or spellbook. Living Lore is exactly that. 

I mean at 4 mana this is basically a cheap spell that could turn out to be a pretty nasty monster given one condition. You need to have an Instant or Sorcery Spell in your graveyard to feed it. The way I look at it this is like reverse Imprint or Graveyard Imprinting. Living Lore is perfect for a lot of Self Mill decks which could be Sultai/Silumgar or Dimir or basically anything that has Blue in it. Any deck combination that could use high mana casting cards early.I expect to have Entomb getting a really high mana cost card in the graveyard as well.

So here is the cool thing as Living Lore comes into play you exile an Instant or Sorcery(Better Choose A Very High Mana Cost Card) and its casting cost becomes Living Lore's Power and Toughness. Imagine Temporal Trespass "Imprinting" on this Baby and you got an 11/11 creature willing to do your bidding! You really don't have to do it early so this could fit in to some peoples controlled style of play , political maneuvering or just their deadly end game.  Dig Through time seems like another great card to go with Living Lore. 

But wait...There's More! Not only do you get to smash face with your book/scroll and smile like a nerd who suddenly has the power to hurt someone with a book...when Living Lore deals combat damage you could sacrifice it and use the "Imprinted" Instant or Sorcery spell on it. I don't know but someone out there might have thought of mixing this up with an Obliterate to annoy his friends. Oh wait. That would be me. 

Opponents better have blockers ready because you could be sure that when someone has this in their EDH deck there would be plenty of nasty Instant and Sorcery Spells just waiting to be abused....err...reused.

Living Lore. Play it. Have the satisfaction of crushing someone with a scroll.Yeah slapped around by scrolls. Imagine your opponents admitting that.Death by Book.  

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