Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Pauper Kings:Boros Slash and Dash"

"Pauper Kings:Boros Slash and Dash"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Lizzie a long time Magic buddy in SM North called my mono red Kolaghan Dash deck  Slash and Dash awhile back. I am not sure if there is an archetype already existing in Standard pauper but the name is simply too cool to pass up so Lizzie and my avid readers I came up with a deck that is fitting of the the name. Boros Slash and Dash:

4 x Wind Scarred Crag
9 x Plains
9 x Mountains
22 Lands

4 x Impact Tremors
4 x Raise the Alarm
4 x Dragon Fodder
4 x Triplicate Spirits
4 x Pacifism
4 x Lightning Strike
24 Spells

4 x Jeskai Student
4 x Kolagahan Stormsinger
4 x Mardu Scout
12 Creatures

Impact Tremors is still a big part of the strategy here and the point is to get one or two out early so that most of the token producing spells would act as direct damage even before a single attack could be declared. 

As I was telling my fellow Team Virulence Team mate Mark Abude the other night it feels good to have your Raise the Alarm and Dragon Fodder act like they were Shocks. And if you have enough creatures to convoke a Triplicate Spirits then you also get a lightning Bolt for Free! All thanks to Impact Tremors. Well everyone coming in on your side will sure get to burn your opponent. How is that for a Dashing entrance right?

Pacifism and Lightning Strike offer you early control here but should you find yourself fighting bigger monsters that a little 3 damage could not kill then I suggest boarding in a Pressure Point. A well timed Pressure point could simply be disastrous for your opponent. 
Imagine the smile on your face when you draw a Pressure Point with your weenie army poised for the lethal attack and your are able to tap the lone creature that they have in your way. Priceless.

Of course weenie 1/1 creatures might not be enough for the victory so I added in Jeskai Student , who takes advantage of all the non-creature spells in this deck and could be relied on to finish an opponent as well ,  Kolagahan Stormsinger , who is fast , activates Impact Tremors and should it survive could reactivate it the following turn.Mardu Scout is simply a 3/1 for 2 mana. With Dash. And I love goblins. So yeah. In the deck you go my little goblin.

Boros Slash and Dash is at its heart a very aggro deck. Push for the early damage and damage as often as you can. The reason is that if your opponent has no way of recovering damage in the end game , even if he or she has managed to stabilize the board and none of your dashers could no longer attack. Those token producing spells would be the difference. Placing more creatures on the battlefield while damaging an opponent? So much value for your mana. So much direct damage goodness. 

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