Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"I Resolve:Magic New Year Resolutions 2015"

"I Resolve:Magic New Year Resolutions 2015"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

There are things in life that are easier said than done.Like resisting the urge to buy boosters packs when there are still Fetch lands out there or the urge to create a new deck when one is still unfinished. Magic players are unique in our daily dilemmas.

Here are a couple of resolutions that you might want to do for 2015.

Magic Resolution #1 - "Resolve to finish all those unfinished deck projects that you have lying around"

- Yup , actually finish what you started and get a move on with these concepts that you have been brewing. It doesn't matter if you have lost interest or have a couple of hard to find pieces for your concept EDH dec. Just finish it. Not only will you save space in your now cramped up room but you actually get that feeling of accomplishment that a deck builder feels afterwards. And this could even get you out of that deck building rut that you find yourself stuck in. 

Magic Resolution #2 - "Resolve to Sort/Classify/Organize your card collection"

- When my friend June Bhryan decided to sell his collection one of the things he found was an old Taiga just hidden in a pile he had forgotten long ago...Just imagine if you have old cards that are left there , chances are when you were starting out in Magic you may not have appreciated them. With the EDH format in full swing , you might look at these cards in a new light now.

- Plus when you organize your cards it makes it much easier to create new decks or easy to sell those excess cards that you don't need. 

Magic Resolution #3 - "Resolve to start playing again"

- It might not be standard , it might not even be in the usual magic shops or venues. It could just be over the kitchen table with a one or few friends Be resolved to play magic. Let go of your stresses and play.If you have the budget you could even join a Pre Release once every 3 months. Just get back in the game. You probably have a lot of burdens because of internal conflicts and familial concerns , Magic is not the answer those things but it does help you in alleviating those tensions that keep you from finding solution to those things. While we can't Lightning bolt our problems in real life , magic can keep us sane enough so that we could go through life a little better.

Magic Resolution #4 - "Resolve to teach more magic"

- New players are the lifeblood of any game and while there are no shortage of people who want to play the game , there is a big shortage of those who want to teach the game , clarify the rules , teach about competition conduct and such. You could be that person if you want to be. New players are the continuity of our game. They make sure that even though we go on hiatus for 4 to 6 years for one reason or another that there would still be a game that we could come back to. 

Magic Resolution #5 - "Resolve to challenge yourself."

- Been playing the game for awhile? Having been playing in awhile? There is always a higher lever to attain in this game. There is a real passion running in every tournament. If you want to attain other goals than just being a player why not be a level 1 judge? or go even higher? there are always room for improvement. Challenge yourself with your magic goals for this year.

Magic Resolution #6 - "Resolve to have more control"

- And I don't mean playing Blue either. I meant having the ability to stop buying cards.To say No. I mean it. Really. Having the ability to not look at a Binder and think of your Modern / Legacy/ EDH / Standard Pauper/ Modern Pauper/ Standard project and just buy cards that you might not be able to buy again any time soon. Easier said than done.However controlling one's budget means that you would have money when a better deal does come along. Like the time I ran into someone who was selling Iona , Shield of Emeria for 300 pesos. A bargain always presents itself in our game , those are the times that you should have the money for.

Among this list I find the last one the hardest to keep but that doesn't mean that I wont try...

How about you? what Magic resolutions do you have for yourself?


  1. I could easily relate to all resolutions. Hahaha.

  2. I was able to enact one of these resolutions in the GP...kaunting cards lang ang nabili ko bwahahahahah