Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Elevator Unseen:Be careful what you wish for"

"Elevator Unseen:Be careful what you wish for"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

During my Medical Clerkship days in San Lazaro Hospital I met a couple of UST Medical students who told me about an old urban legend. This was the story of a foolish Medical clerk who got more than he/she bargained for one night in an elevator.

The story starts when the said Medical Clerk ( it was no indicated if it was a man or woman) found that the elevator they were riding on automatically went to the basement level of the hospital. This was the same level where the hospital morgue was found and the very same elevator was used to carry some deceased patients to the dark hallway that was opening up before the clerk.

Inexplicably or maybe in an act of trying to be brave against this eerie environment the clerk jokingly waved their arms around and like a barker for a jeepney started calling out to the dark..."Oh wala na bang sasakay diyan? Wala na bang hahabol?Sakay na. Sakay na."

Silence was the only thing that answered the clerk so he or she tried to press the buttons on the elevator to go up. This was when the warning lights on the lift started to go off indicating that the elevator was full. The door refused to close despite the clerks efforts to push the close button. The Clerk was all alone. All alone except for the things that he or she might not have been able to see.

After a couple of seconds , the Clerk went out of the elevator and run toward the stairs to go up to the first floor. 

I have often wondered if this same elevator still exists in the UST hospital , I have never been there and maybe if I do have the chance to go I may not ask the same question that this Medical Clerk did. My question is would you?

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