Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Pauper Kings: Sultai Grave Threats 2014"

"Pauper Kings: Sultai Grave Threats 2014"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

The Sultai really are rich and they know it. They could summon powerful spells without even spending mana but it all has to start from the grave. The Sultai Grave Threats takes advantage of the fact that there are great spells in common that fill the grave and then could be used to lessen the Delve cost of power creatures. 

4 X Evolving wilds
6 x swamp
6 x Forests
6 x Islands
22 lands

4 x Elvish Mystic
4 x Embodiment of Spring
4 x Hooting Mandrils
4 x Abomination of Gudul
4 x Shambling Attendants
4 x Satyr Wayfinder
24 creatures

4 x Taiga's scheming
4 x Force Away
4 x Scout the Borders
2 x Treasure Cruise
14 spells 

Evolving wilds ,Scout the Borders ,  Embodiment of Spring , Satyr Wayfinder and Taigas Scheming all make sure that there are cards in your graveyard. Evolving wilds fetches a basic card that you need while adding to the grave , the same with Embodiment of Spring that could even block and then fetch lands for you. Scout the Borders and Satyr Wayfinder ensures a land in your hand and at least 3 cards in your graveyard. Taigas Scheming allows you to rearrange the top of your library or mill it all to your graveyard.This represents 5 cards available for delve.

One of the god plays of this deck involves the Hooting Mandrils and Taiga's scheming. 
Turn 1: Play land  , Play Elvish Mystic
Turn 2: Play land, Play Taiga's Scheming , Mill 5 cards , Use Elvish Mystic to cast Hooting Mandrils on turn 2! 

Taiga's scheming is the key to making this deck versatile because it would define what you would draw or what you be able to cast. Force Away serves as the single spot removal of the deck for things that could not handle like a Huge creature. 

Shambling Attendants downright destroys anything in its path. It is an extremely reliable blocker that could withstand the biggest creatures in standard pauper while also serving as a very good attacker with 3 power.

Abomination of Gudul is a great fit for this deck because it is a flyer that could be put on the battlefield as a morph creature early in the game and in the mid to late games becomes a crucial component in drawing you fresh cards as well as filling up your graveyard to fuel more delve cards. Often times in my play testing I have seen I would draw a late Hooting Mandrils and I could discard a land card so I could power out the Hooting Mandrils right away.

Force Away is the single spot removal for this deck. It does not need to have a the Ferocious ability activated but it does work well with Hooting Mandrils allows you to give 2 graveyard fodder to feed a Treasure Cruise when needed.

I am excited with the Sultai Grave Threats. Time to play test and reach someone from the Grave.

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