Monday, September 29, 2014

"My CVG Felina Clinic:All good things..."

"My CVG Felina Clinic:All good things..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

All good things must come to an end or so they say. As I entered the clinic at CVG Felina in Eastwood for the second to the last time I thought about those words. Come next week all operations will cease and due to some issue with the building the account that I have been protecting and safeguarding for the last few months will be transferred to the MDC building. The transfer has begun even now and the clinic and the place are slowly getting much quieter. I believe by Friday it would just be me , the nurse and the guards. Like I wrote before I have trouble saying goodbye and well dealing with things that are about to end. I don't cry but I don't exactly feel great about it either. I at least have pin pointed the cause for my feeling Meh this whole week.The end of my first clinic.

When this account was offered to me by my BCOM batch mate Michiko Barros ,  I hesitated quite a bit since this was going to be my first Clinic in a Call Center setting. Though I have been to Call Center Clinics I have always been a patient(You know the kind , the one who goes and complains of pains and hordes painkillers , that kind of Agent Patient) and now I would be on the other side of the table taking Histories and Assessing what to do next regarding a patients treatment. It excited me and made me feel a little bit terrified at the same time. What if I got a diagnosis wrong? What if there was something so exotic that I did not have the answer? CVG Felina showed me that it was OK to be a bit terrified but the answers will always be there.

I also found my post in Convergys a little bit interesting since this would be my first regular gig as a Doctor. The first time I even heard of Convergys I was applying as an Agent and for some unknown reason it was my first failure in my Call Center application process.(though I would be hired by the 2nd company I applied to which is People Support). So I guess my destiny was not to be an agent for them but to be One of their Doctors.I would remain so  because I am still going to the CVG MDC 10th floor clinic.And would still be seeing people from the account here in Felina.

There were good times and there were bad times here but mostly good times because well...CVG Felina was an Oasis of sorts after all the tiresome duties that I had in my early days as a Physician. There were times of Complete Bed Rest with or without bathroom privileges. There were times when Anxiety Attacks and Asthma Attacks were common. The agents were a mix of the courteous and the not so courteous  but I am glad to say that most were the former and less the latter, I think I treated a lot of guards here as well , those valiant people who never seem to sit down. The Nurses were great , Mark , Sheila , Cha , Che , Paul and Ken. We had fun times and meaningful discussions. We laughed. We treated. We Rested. We rolled around when there were a lot of patients. (Gulong sa tagalog) CVG Felina will always have a special place in my heart.And as another cliche goes , you never forget your first.


Editors Note:
When I went to Felina last Friday , I was greeted by a guard that said that the site will not be moved and that the clinic has been restored. CVG Felina Clinic will continue until the 31st of December 2014. Then again I already wrote this piece so I have to write one on that day again hahahaha.

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