Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Stepping into the October Rain"

"Stepping into the October Rain"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

October 5, 2014.

It was a sudden downpour and it was also a sudden decision on my part to ask my little girl to step into the rain with me. I don't know if it was the sight of her just playing her favorite computer game , squinting as she chatted with her friends that pushed me to the decision but I guess it was one of those Father-Daughter things where you want to teach something.

My daughter hates getting her feet muddied , probably because her mom has instructed her to always be clean. She is also scared of Lightning and the wind. I mean when all of them are happening at the same time even grown men cower but I decided that my daughter should experience a part of her childhood that she has not gotten to yet. Maligo sa ulan.

It is easy to worry about people being carried off by floods or being stranded in places because of our sucky drainage system or people turning yellow because of Leptospirosis. It is also easy to forget that you could have a lot of fun under the rain. I mean it is basically a free shower! 

At first Aven was scared. She didn't want to step out of our gate and like some old person started complaining that she will get sick when she goes out. "Sisiponin ako Daddy!" Growing up with me she has been very conscious of her health but I had to put my foot down. "Yung doctor nga naliligo sa ulan eh. Come with me." I held out my hand and she reluctantly took it.

We walked from our house in Fatima to the Market in BBB. A short walk but a very interesting one. My wife , mother-in-law and sister-in-law were also with us. Aven immediately discovered puddles and at first she was stepping on them slowly , eventually she found puddles irresistable but being the hovering Helicopter that I am around her I guided her not to step on possible deep ones or ones that have oil slicks or ones that looked like they might have a little dog poop in them. Canal waters and cascading waters from roof tops were to be avoided. I told Aven where cats usually go to the bathroom. The rooftops!

Aven found other kids playing Harangang Taga in the rain on one of the roads that we passed. Even with the small amount of rain fall there was a quite a collection of flood water in BBB and Aven excitedly pointed to it saying that this was the first time that she saw a Baha Live! She always sees it on TV. It is amazing that as adults we lose our sense of wonder and I am glad that my Aven could be guided so that she keeps her wonder and her respect of dangers. I asked her to steer clear of the black waters though she wanted to jump in!

The trip ended with us looking at a dead cat , eating grapes under the rain and looking at a small raging river. And me giving a given a basic lesson on immunity.Kailangan eh. Aven hugged me as we were opening the door of our house. "Daddy, Lets do this again when the rains are stronger."

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