Monday, September 8, 2014

"Gruul Heroics:Pit Fighters"

"Smashing for fun"
"Gruul Heroics:Pit Fighters"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

With Khans of Tarkir only a couple of days away and the Return to Ravnica block rotating out very soon I just couldn't help but make another deck that is a sort of Last hurrah. Most of the cards in this decks are in the Theros block but I just felt that Gruul Guildgate , Pitfight and Mutant's prey just need one more shot before it all goes out of standard Pauper.

Here is my deck list for a Gruul Heroic deck:

4 X Gruul Guildgate
8 X Forest
8 X Mountain
22 Lands

4 X Akroan Crusader
4 X Satyr Hoplite
4 X Setessan Oath Sworn
4 X Sedge Scorpion
4 X Nyxborn Rollicker
2 X Staunch hearted warrior
24 creatures

4 X Pit Fight
2 X Mutant's Prey
4 X Madcap Skills
4 X Lightning Strike
14 spells

Akroan Crusader, Satyr Hoplite , Setessan Oath Sworn and Staunch hearted warrior are the Heroic creatures here, all of them get bigger with each spell that you target them with. With the exception of the Akroan Crusader who generates more creatures for you to target.

"A touch...of death"
Nyxborn Rollicker and Sedge Scorpion are neat one drops that answer two things in this deck. Nyxborn Rollicker with its very low bestow cost could easily make any of your Heroic creatures bigger while at the same time allow you to keep another creature should your heroic creature die. Sedge Scorpion on the other hand is an early deterrent for aggressive decks.It is usually good in deterring big creatures from attacking as well. I mean a 1/1 for a 4/4 doesn't seem like a fair deal right? So if creatures don't want to attack you and you can't attack as well what do you do? You cast Pit Fight and Mutant's Prey on a Sedge Scorpion to eliminate the big guys. Lightning Strike does the deal as well but choose your targets wisely because there are only 4 of them here.

"Another round...around the block..."
The whole plan of the deck is to get as many creatures on the battlefield as possible. Could you imagine having a Madcap Skills on a Setessan Oath Sworn? The guys becomes an almost unstoppable 6/3 giant! I mean even a Satyr Hoplite becomes a 5/2! So much power to be had. Pitfight has been a favorite of mine since Heroic and Mutant's Prey  is another card that does the same. I mean a Pitfight lets you eliminate a creature and makes your heroic creatures bigger at the same time.

I hope that I could give this Gruul Heroic deck a spin before some of the cards rotate out. Time to start Fighting.

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