Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"The Black Butterfly"

"The Black Butterfly"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

I work as a Company Physician for one of the major Call Centers in Eastwood, Libis. As I was hurrying to catch an elevator going to my floor I saw something odd. It was something fluttering in the lobby. It was a single black butterfly that seemed to have lost its way. The old folks told me that a black butterfly meant a death in the family so I was staying clear of this thing.

There was nothing to do though but walk straight toward and hope that it would stay still and not land on me because I was already creeped out buy something that should not be existing in a  concrete building.Normally there would be a lot of people milling around this area but tonight I was all alone. The butterfly was flying left and right , in the same time it was moving toward me in that zigzagging motion. I was facing it and it flew toward my left and before I knew it was about to hit me.

Then something strange happened. The butterfly disappeared.

I checked my bag , my jacket , even the bottom of my shoe but it was gone. I came to a horrible conclusion that it might have gotten in my shirt but I felt nothing. I kept on looking for it and saw that a CCTV camera was directly above me.I am sure they know where the butterfly went. I sure looked liked an idiot who was chasing his own shadow in that lobby. I immediately texted my wife and mom who were sick and asked them if they were ok.Thank Heavens they were. I never found where that butterfly went. 

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