Sunday, December 29, 2013

"The Smell of Mud"

"The Smell of Mud"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I often talk about Ghosts because they are always around my family but they are not the only things that lurk where we live. 

When I was a baby, my Mom and I often stayed with my Mamay Auring in Tondo. My early care takers when I was young was Nanay Flor and my Mamay Auring and there were things that they told me that really bothered me now that I was older.

We lived at the 3rd floor of my Ninangs House and Store. They told me about a barred window on the 3rd level of this window. I was told that not even a fly could land on my skin when I was at that place but there were several times that they were awakened by something in the darkness. Something that seemed to be crawling on the wall that they could not clearly see. They may not have seen it but the smell was clear. It was the smell of mud where there are not grounds. No air to carry them. 

In the morning they went outside and looked at the wall from below. There were hands that looked as if someone was creeping toward it from below. This was 3 stories up and there was no way that any one could use a ladder that high up in total darkness.Needless to say my Mom and Mamay Auring was vigilant at watching me as I stayed there. 

Up to this day no one could say what those muddy hands meant.Another mystery that I hope I never find the answer to.  

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