Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Lolo Melitons Goat"

"Lolo Melitons Goat"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I often talk about Ghosts because they are always around my family but they are not the only things that lurk where we live. 

My Lolo Meliton was quite a drinker but he knew how to handle himself eve when he had a drink too many. He could still walk from the town proper to our little Baranggay in Dapawan regardless of the time and without incident.

This particular night he was only a few yards away from the bend of road that would take him through the fields and to his house at the foot of the Hill we called Bagontor. He had recounted that he had met a goat on the road. The goat bumped him and he pushed it away.He kept on walking.

For some reason the goat would find his way in front of him and bump him again. Again he would push the goat away and be on his way.

This would happen for a third time and as my Lolo got annoyed he would realize that three times the goat was able to hit him square on his right shoulders. He was a tall man , almost 5'6. making the goat taller than 5 feet to be able to hit him on the shoulders. He also noticed that the speed at which it seemed to get in front of him. It could only be something non-animal. Needless to say that it sobered him up as he ran toward home.

This story is still told in drinking sessions. We miss you Lolo. 

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