Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #33: When Omnath fell short"

"Midweek Magic September 2017 #33: When Omnath fell short"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Recently I have been having a streak of losses. It comes with the territory as everyone around me has leveled up their different commander 2017 decks and I have decided to make a lot of experimental builds for various commanders that take a beating out of the more established decks that my playgroup has.

So far I have been pummeled by Dragons and Pussies. I had limited exposure to the vampires because I died early in one game but Edgar Markov is deadly even when he is not on the battlefield. I have had no chance to battle Inalla and the wizards but I don't look forward to that as well.

Yo in particular has been consistently winning with strong plays with Steel Pussies that attack early for 5 damage and in the end game control and get rid of enchantments and artifacts in it's way. I have been on the receiving end of a well armed cat way too many times.

When Jus said "I-fist ko itong si Silumgar , drifting death"

Our group with the dirty minds laughed. He meant that he will use the fist of the suns ability to cast Silumgar but we pictured him shoulder deep into the nether regions of the Blue black dragon.

I also died to Jus and his Utvara Hellkite assaults. Imagine having 8 more flying 6/6 dragons about to attack me. It was the first time that I got to use the Liege of the Tangle in an EDH game and I had 15 reanimated lands that had to just kill Jus in a turn or he would be coming for me.

Ram who I have managed to control in this game with a Terrastodon that destroyed his 3 Islands earlier now recovered into 4 islands and used Wash Out to return my entire army to my hand. It was already getting late and I supposed I could have put up more of a fight but with a Balan and a Monstrous Fleecemane Lion and 13 life due to a Quietus spike in the face I decided that fighting would be futile and I died at the hand of pussies again.

Omnath did fall short but he does still leave a scar on my playgroups minds as being the sort of Commander that you need to control or things could get out of hand pretty fast.

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