Sunday, September 10, 2017

"3 things I have seen this week September 2017 #2:Doctor's Scheds"

"3 things I have seen this week September 2017 #2:Doctor's Scheds"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Clinical schedules that fit you are a God send and Doctors are always on the look out for them. This week I saw things that made me frown and made me happy.

1) Cheaters...

So what happens when you have an 8 hour shift and you come in at the 5th hour of said shift and go home an hour before you are actually supposed to go out. Well nothing really. Until you get caught. I find it unfair that some doctors in the industry do this and get away with it. 2 hours work and still get paid in full. I would understand being late once or twice because it would be an exception but if you do this consistently for 6 years every day of the week that you are on duty I think this is what you call a pattern. 

Of course they got caught and are now facing investigation. 6 years is a lot to backtrack but I will trust in the system.

2) Texters...

We are in need of relievers....the post would start and when I begin to look the schedules might as well have been on the moon because the distance seems to be so. When choosing duties there are certain things that you need to look for such as ease of travel , if you burn more fuel than you are actually going to earn then what is the point of going on that duty? Unless it was a medical mission then burning fuel and bringing something more than just yourself is the norm.

I have consistently said no to certain duties because of distance. There are just places where I cannot go.

3) The return to UHG. 

When Dra. Jing Escurel talked to me about the possibility of coming back to UHG I was ecstatic. I had to wait a full month and a half for it but now that it is confirmed I feel really thankful. It has always been my desire to go back to UHG and I am glad to have that desire granted. I look forward to all the things that I could do again.

Scheds are blessings don't be a curse on the people who hire you. Be fair and try to be on time and never tell them that you will make it even if you are in such a far away place that you cannot be physically present unless like Goku you can teleport instantaneously from one place to another.

And now that that is out of my system back to our regularly scheduled program.

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