Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Why do I write?"

"Why do I write?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I would to say that I write for the pleasure of writing. For the process , for the ability to be able to put thoughts into readable words that you can share or keep. I take pleasure in the act itself and even if that sounds a bit pretentious I don't know how honest I can still be when it come writing things down.

When I write my stories  , I want to write ideals for my little daughter , things that teach her and make her feel things like giddy happiness  , or that creepy vibe she feels after or that awesome feeling when she reads something cool for the first time with unjaded eyes. Things can change rather quick when you have someone as smart as Aven  and her preferences can all be fleeting at this time but no one can blame a dad for setting something higher for her when it comes to stories.

I write poems to express things out of my day or even as a form of fiction. I like changing the meaning of words  because we all have things that we associate with words like love or violence or memories. Some of my poems deal with the fact that we can simply look at a word , attach a memory or bias to it and it can remain that way until someone can change our perspective on the matter. I might be able to change your mind. I might even solidify you in your bias. Either way I consider myself successful if I made you feel anything for that word or topic.

I feel sad for people who are unable to express themselves and only find creative ways in the manner in which they hurt other people. What you think of me and my writing is none of my business after all but it is sad that you cannot write a single creative thing and have the gall to actually criticize a persons work , to reduce it to a blurb and to attach labels to it without really spending the time to read or have insightful thoughts about it. I feel sad for people like this but they exist and whatever causes them pain I feel that it ends. That is my sincere wish but not withstanding I know that they will still be the people that they are with or without their misery to accompany them.

I write about Magic because I love the game and I feel like in my own way I am contributing to one thing that is lacking in our very own country , people who write about Magic. It is ok to have an original thought , that it is ok to show how happy you are or how sad you are or how angry you are about issues within the magic community. In my experience , Magic players are not selfish with their knowledge or tech , they freely give it because they want people to enjoy the game or have people compete with them on equal footing. I have learned some of the coolest things about Magic by listening to people who I consider are experts in the field. I am not an expert. I merely write my thoughts about cards and combos and expansions and every thing in between. As a player of magic I love sharing things I have learned and realized. Not all that I say is perfect but I do put forth my thoughts down for all to see and I don't hide behind a pseudonym when writing about Magic. I am who I am , with my combo's that are not combo's and things that other players correct in my articles. I have fun writing about magic and I will continue to do so. I will try and bring out the fun and things that people love about the game and what keeps them there despite all the changes and challenges. I will do that as a Magic writer because there are only a few brave enough to do it. 

Will I keep writing? Yes I will. Will people praise my work? Probably not. Will people buy a book that I publish? Who knows. What I do know is that writing like learning will continue to be a never ending process for me. Something that I would love to work on until the day that I can no longer write. I will keep writing because it is a part of who I am. 

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