Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Stellar - Archangels of The Sephiroth MV reaction: Welcome to the fold."

"Stellar -  Archangels of The Sephiroth MV reaction: Welcome to the fold."
The Vole

It has been awhile since I last saw the girls of Stellar and the last that I saw there just four of them and they were on a long drive.This time around they returned with a 5 member line up that features in a video that shows a lot of magic and hip grinding.AkA Sexy things that you expect from a Stellar MV. 

The Tree of Sephiroth sounds like a song that you would hear in some Mediterranean or Middle eastern place only it has Korean singers grinding to it's hypnotic beat and distorted sitars. The beat is heavy and foreboding at times but the result is unmistakable  , another sexy offering from the girls of Stellar. No one dares complain. 

I would like to describe the MV as a lot of Magic and Angelic hip grinding. Just a few things that you want to see in an MV. Minhee , stands out as always as she begins the song with her crystal prostrating worship.

The girls are seemingly divided into Pure angels(Minhee , Hyoeun)and fallen angels in the wastes(Gayoung , Junyool). Both factions then try to influence the new comer of the group , Soyoung to turn to their side. Although I don't know how the fans work in favor of the Pure Angels versus the more forceful influence of the Fallen Angels with oil being rubbed on the body of Soyoung. As if to say , welcome to Stellar Soyoung. Now it's time to get a little dirty.

Yup. Welcome to the fold Soyoung. Hopefully by the end of next year when Stellar's contract ends that you could have won a couple of Music shows with this MV. 

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