Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Loona/Jinsoul - Singing in the rain MV reaction:Jinsoul the Fish "

"Loona/Jinsoul - Singing in the rain MV reaction:Jinsoul the Fish "
The Vole

Singing in the rain continues Loona's path into the sexy side and with the reveal of Singer/Rapper Jinsoul almost with the same stage as Kim Lip with the exception that she is resonating on the color Blue. Even if this color seems to have a cooling effect it certainly has a different effect especially when you start watching her dance.

Jinsoul starts the MV in a dark area with a wide arc of light illuminating her as she carries a bag of fish with her. She starts running and you instantly know that that fish is a gonner. It might explain why she is later seen in a fish shop , she might be trying to replace the dead fish because she might get into trouble. But that is just a theory.

This trap beat filled dance track features the slim waisted , blond Jinsoul as she dances her heart out and has several images where she is symbolized as a fish. Like the one where she sits inside an aquarium as she sings and that awesome floating shot where she is like a Blue fish floating in the air.

Singing in the rain continues to keep my interest and I wonder about who Loona will reveal next to complete this subunit as they normally come in threes. Kim Lip and Jinsoul also has an audio track called Love Letter where they bought mesh well musically.  For now Jinsoul the fish certainly has kept me looking out for what Loona will be like when they are finally complete.

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